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Youth Footy


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Youth Footy

Stay tuned for future Youth Footy Events

The SAFC hosts a number of youth clinics. During the course of these clinics, youth's will learn the skills and rules of Ausball, the non-contact version of Australian Football.

All youths are welcome, so bring your friends!

Check out our newly launched youth logo, Rising Suns.

This new logo was developed by the SAFC Youth Footy Committee and was launched during the 2019 season. 

Would you like to purchase your own youth footy? Head over to our merchandise page.

All events held at Glenbrook Park, Sacramento. 

Youth Footy 

ALL YOUTH -- (ages 5-13) -- Come learn an exciting sport that is growing in popularity around the world...and is relatively new to the U.S....It's called "Footy"!

The Sacramento Australian Football Club will be hosting a series of FREE youth clinics for kids & teens who would like to come learn how to play Australian Rules Football--also known as Aussie Rules Football or "Footy". 

Fore more information, please check out the events on Facebook: click here

These sessions will include introductory skill work and drills for youth of all ages. Depending on the number and ages of participants in attendance, we hope to be able to hold some tag scrimmages at the end of the session. So invite friends to come to ensure there are enough players to organize a scrimmage!

Although Australia's national sport has existed for over 150 years, it is relatively new to the U.S., but it is growing rapidly in popularity among amatuer adult athletes nationwide. The USAFL is flourishing--with nearly 40 clubs nationwide. The Sacramento Australian Football club was established in 2009, and since 2012 has been proudly represented in USAFL competitions by the Sacramento Suns (men's and women's representative teams). In 2014, the Suns won the Division 3 championship at the National Championship tournament held in Dublin, OH. There are also currently several men and women from the SAFC who have represented our nation on the U.S. representative teams (Revolution, Freedom, & Liberty) in international Footy Competitions.

The SAFC is striving to grow the sport in the Sacramento area, and hopes to be able to help establish youth footy leagues by the year 2020. These two clinics are just the beginning of what will be a long-term vision to grow the sport among Sacramento's young athletes

    Want to host an SAFC Youth Clinics at your Local School?

      The Sacramento Australian Football Club, as a part of its overarching mission to build a thriving Australian Football community in Sacramento, has held several introductory footy clinics for students in several of the local school Physical Education classes. As part of this effort, members of the Sacramento Suns & Lady Suns volunteer to teach kids the basics of Ausball (the modified tag version of Footy).

        **If your PE class, school, or youth group is interested in learning the basics of Footy from the Sacramento Suns, please contact [email protected].**

          Youth Footy Committee

            In 2017, the SAFC Board has commissioned the creation of the Youth Footy Committee in an effort to grow the sport among the area's youth. We hope to grow the game among the area youth--and hopefully there will be enough interest in the sport to warrant the creation of a Sacramento youth footy league by or before 2020.

            2019 SAFC Youth Footy Committee members:

            • Kendall Hutchings (Chair)
            • Olivia Christensen
            • Erin Graham
            • Michael Kelly
            • Justin Lee
            • Jennifer Mckenzie
            • Helen Mondia-Harvey
            • Matt O'Leary
            • Timothy Peterson
            • Victoria Schoennagel
            • Toby Simmons