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SacFooty (#SacFooty)

SacFooty (aka Ausball) is a fun-filled, energetic, co-ed, tag version of Australian Football. It is the most appropriate avenue for new players to try the game for the first time.

The SacFooty Leagues run for 7 rounds each with 3 FREE Open Days and scrimmages in the weeks leading up to Round 1.  Games will be held at Doc Oliver Field in Land Park Thursday evenings 6-8 pm.

If you are interested in playing but want to know more, please contact [email protected]

The club would also like to extend an invitation to all interested spectators! Come watch a game and see what the great game of Aussie Rules is all about.

SAFC Player Waiver

SAFC League Policies

2018 Results

Summer League
Best & Fairest: 
Runner Up Best and Fairest: 
Inspiration Award Winners: 
Grand Final MVP's: 
Leading Goal Kickers:  

Spring League
Premiers: Mak n Blue Cheese
Best & Fairest: Kelly Meriano & Erin Sheaffer
Runner Up Best and Fairest: Julian David & Kasey O' Connor
Inspiration Award Winners: Brad Anderson
Grand Final MVP's: Tavita Matapula & Sheva Falaki
Leading Goal Kickers: Colby Campbell (20) & Egle McCaffrey (6) & Erin Sheaffer (6)

2017 Results

Summer League
Premiers: Maroon Corps
Best & Fairest: Kelly Meriano & Kasey O'Connor
Runner Up Best and Fairest: Ed Manning & Amy Bishop
Inspiration Award Winners: Tim Peterson
Grand Final MVP's: Sean MacEachern
Leading Goal Kickers:  Kelly Meriano (17) & Kasey O'Connnor (9)
Spring League
Premiers: Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
Best & Fairest: Saleh Tyebjee & Nicolette Clark
Runner Up Best and Fairest: Aaron Crumpacker & Erin Sheaffer
Inspiration Award Winners: Traxel Towe & Liz Danielson
Grand Final MVP's: Kelly Meriano & Oanh Nguyen
Leading Goal Kickers: Traxel Towe & David Webb (5) and Liz Danielson & Vicky Schoennagel (5)

2016 Results

Summer League
Premiers: JuBal's Blubals 
Best & Fairest: Kasey O'Conner & Matt Lege
Runner Up Best and Fairest: Vicky Shoennagel & Kendall Hutchings
Inspiration Award Winners: Kasey O'Connor & Ramish Bahramand
Grand Final MVP's: Oanh Nguyen & Saleh Tyebjee
Leading Goal Kickers: Kasey O'Connor (6) & Traxel Towe (12) 
Spring League
Premiers:You'rein Trouble 
Best & Fairest: Katie Klatt & Tristan Boyer, Kelly Meriano
Runner-Up Best & Fairest: Carly Hartman, Matt Lege
Inspration Award Winners: Olivia Christensen & Yara Mignon
Grand Final MVP's: Laure Kwoka & Kendall Hutchings 
Leading Goal Kickers: Katie Klatt (9) and Scott Hensley (13) 

2015 Results

Spring League

Premiers: Y'er In Luck
Best & Fairest: Amanda Flok & Saleh Tyebjee
Runner-Up Best & Fairest: Katie Klatt & Matt Lege
Inspiration Award Winners: Jennifer Bilka & Greg Kettelhake
Grand Final MVP's: Katie Klatt & Andy Jacobs
Leading Goal Kickers: Oanh Nguyen (7), Jeremy Morris & Steve Walterscheid (8)

2014 Results

Fall League

Premiers: Hulk Smash
Best & Fairest: Melvin Chen & Saleh Tyebjee (tie), Katie Klatt
Runner-Up Best & Fairest: Matt Bishop & Alexandra Monrroy
Grand Final MVP's: Matt Bishop & Chelsea Wheeler
Leading Goal Kickers: Paul Coaxum (19) & Jaycie Speck & Amanda DeCarl (8)

Spring League

Premiers: Au Yeah
Best & Fairest: Melvin Chen & Katie Klatt
Runner-Up Best & Fairest: Aaron Crumpacker & Alexa Blatnick
Inspiration Award Winners: Sean Sears &  Jessica Roesemann
Grand Final MVP's: Saleh Tyebjee & Annie Mantzouranis
Leading Goal Kickers: Paul Coaxum (15) & Alexa Blatnick (7)

2013 Results

Fall League

Premiers: Big Red
Best & Fairest: Andy Jacobs & Peter Kvam (tied) & Erin Sheaffer
Runner-Up Best & Fairest: Katie Klatt (no male)
Inspiration Award Winners: Tim Townsend & Amanda DeCarl
Grand Final MVP's: David Brown & Daisy Galvan
Leading Goal Kickers: Sham Sanghera (16) & Alexa Blatnick (5)

Summer League

Premiers: Slimerz
Best & Fairest: Tocher Kellom & Oahn Nguyen
Runner-Up Best & Fairest: Matt Bishop & Erin Sheaffer
Inspiration Award Winners: Dane Cormack & Paige Swarbrick
Grand Final MVP's: Aaron Crumpacker & Alexa Blatnick
Leading Goal Kickers: Steve Walterscheid (27) & Erin Sheaffer (13)

Spring League

Premiers: Gold Blooded
Best & Fairest: Saleh Tyebjee & Yukako Kawakatsu & Christine Sto Domingo (tied)
Runner-Up Best & Fairest: Matt Lege & Davita Pale (tied) (no female)
Inspiration Award Winners: Patrick Wong & Sarah Brown
Grand Final MVP's: Melvin Chen & Yani Castillo
Leading Goal Kickers: Paul Courell (17) & Amanda DeCarl, Chelsea Schreiber, Erin Sheaffer, Merrilee Vanderwaal, Sarah Brown (3) (5-way tie)