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SacFooty 2018 Summer League

SacFooty Summer 2018 Game Schedule

 **Games may be rescheduled in the event of field closures. The SAFC will give ample notice to players on these occasions.** 

When: Thursday evenings from 6 pm - 8 pm

Where: Doc Oliver Field, Land Park

For more information, please contact [email protected] or check out our events page on Facebook!

SacFooty Summer 2018 Competition Ladder

SacFooty Summer 2018 League Teams

 Pink Team
 Green Team
 Blue Team
 Erin Sheaffer (C)
 Vicky Schoennagel (C)
 Oanh Nguyen (C)
 Erika Titus-Lay
 Annie Mantzouranis
 Jacqueline Barkoski
 Egle McCafrey
 Amanda Mantzouranis
Stephanie Pagano
 Racehlle Mojado
 Kimberly Ledda
 Bianca Marshall
 Karen Kontz
 Kelina Orozco
 Ashley Green
 Eli Zenteno
 Matt O'Leary (C)
 Rami Bahramand (C)
 Kelly Meriano (C)
 Casey Webb
  Tim Townsend
 Julian David
 Toby Simmons
Stan Rucker
 Faku Lay
 Aaron Crumpacker
  Luke Wilson
 J. Lee
 Dennis Martinez
  Jared Kay
 Cameron Fairchild
 Robert Kwoka
  Adam Ingram
 Chris Ritnopakkun
 Caleb Griffin
  Matt Buckman
 Jeff Wheeler
 Joe Jilek
  David Webb
 Mike Malloy
 Rob Livings
  Marcus Rocye-Fulton
 Caeron Gish
 Brad Nugent
 James Heck
 Dane Cormack
 Shane Shimon
 Spencer Ruport
 Bin Deng