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Sacramento Suns


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The SAFC is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization, your donation is tax deductible and will go in the club's general funds for field rentals, supplying the SAFC with new equipment and other necessities.

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Sacramento Suns

Suns/ Lady Suns USAFL 2019 Season

Training sessions held Tuesday evenings May 7- Oct 5th

Various Fields May 7 - June 11

Doc Oliver Field (June 18- October 5)

June 15 - Suns at Cascadia Tournament in Seattle, WA (men only)

June 29 - Suns/Lady Suns vs GGAFL/Iron Maidens in Napa, CA

July 27 - Western Regional Tournament Salem, OR

Aug 3 - Lady Suns at East/West Showdown San Francisco, CA (women only)

Aug 10 - Suns/Lady Suns vs LA in Los Angeles, CA

Aug 24 - Suns vs GGAFL in Concord, CA (men only)

Oct 12 & 13- USAFL National Tournament in Sarasota, FL

What does it take to become a Sun/Lady Sun?

So you've tried out the game, played in the metro league, and now you want to attend Nationals? Here are the required steps in order to participate.

1) Register with the USAFL click here

2) After registration you must accrue 6 points to be eligible for Nationals. Points are accrued by participating in local metro games and USAFL matches/tournaments*

Point Accrual System:

1 point per metro game; maximum of 2 USAFL points may be accrued from metro games

2 points per USAFL match, or tournament (only 2 points can be accrued per weekend)

Nationals Eligibility Examples:

Attend 2 metro games and 2 USAFL matches = 6 USAFL Points

Attend 1 metro game and 3 USAFL Matches = 7 USAFL Points

Attend 0 metro games and 3 USAFL Matches = 6 USAFL Points

*USAFL match is either an away game, or tournament. Only 2 points can be earned in one weekend (regardless of the number of games)

    *If you are traveling and participate in a tournament, as long as that team enters you into the USAFL system as a borrowed player, you can still accrue eligibility points

      Sacramento Suns and Lady Suns Club History

        The Sacramento Australian Football Club (SAFC) is pleased to announce that as of 2012 the men's and women's representative teams are officially named the Sacramento Suns.

          The SAFC is excited that the club now boasts both a men's and women's, nicknamed the Lady Suns, representative team that participate in the United States Australian Football League (USAFL).

          The Sacramento Suns logo, designed by club members, attempts to capture the local landmarks that identify us throughout the country, as well as elements of the greatest game on grass, Australian Football.

            The logo includes the prominent gold Tower Bridge set in the foreground of the mighty Sierra Mountains, with a glowing sunrise beginning another glorious day that Sacramento is well known far across this great land.

            The logo is also bordered by a stylized shape of a typical Australian Football and the 4 white stripes at the very top of the logo cleverly represent the laces of the football and, if turned upside down, also represent the goals used in the sport. This shape is commonly used in logos associated with Australian Football.

            The colors of red and yellow, along with the name, were chosen not only for their relevance to the Sacramento area but also because they are used by the Gold Coast Suns, one of 18 professional teams in the Australian Football League (AFL).

              The SAFC have established a relationship with the Gold Coast Suns and they have provided their blessing for us to claim an affiliation with the club.

              A uniform has also been designed for the Suns and the jersey is, of course, designed using the the same color scheme and includes the new Suns logo, a bright and prominent Sun, along with a stylized version of the Tower Bridge.

              Players for the Suns teams will be chosen from the local Sacramento Australian Football League (SacAFL).

              SAFC Club Highlights

              Sacramento Suns Division III National Champions-2014

              Sacramento Lady Suns Division II National Champions-2018

              Club Song (Gold Coast Suns Theme)

              We are the Suns of the Sactown sky

              We're one in Gold 'n' Red, that's who!

              We are the mighty Sactown Suns

              We play to win the flag for you

              Fight, fight, fight till we hold up the cup

              Run, run, run all the way...Hey!

              We are the Suns of the Sactown sky

              We're the team who never say die...