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Our Sponsors



Our Sponsors

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The SAFC is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization, you donation is tax deductible and will go towards supplying the SAFC with new equipment and other necessities.

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2018 Corporate Sponsors

The 2018 SacFooty and SacAFL season is underway. The SAFC is happy to report, there are several returning sponsors for the upcoming season.

California Auto Body North will continue to sponsor the club for  the 2017 season and is our first GOLD Level Corporate Partner! California Auto Body North has been delivering high quality repair services for over 20 years. Anyone who knows Victor "Junior" Murillo, the manager, knows that he is dependable, reliable and always helpful. Check below for incentives for 2017 SAFC members.

Kupros Craft House will always be the club's midtown hang out for roulettes and craft beer.  

Inspired Wellness will be continuing a partnership with the SAFC. One of the major benefits to our club, are the full body fitness routines designed specifically for our group. These fitness routines are underway at our Tuesday night Fitness Through Footy Sessions.

Adamo's Kitchen has returned for another year of sponsorship. Don't forget to check out this local neighborhood favorite, their Sucio Fries are amazing and all pasta is handmade with the family's recipe! 

Aussie Sports USA  is a company founded by Matt & Amy Bishop who also happen to be the SAFC founders! Grab all your footy gear including equipment and Suns training & game day gear.

Sactown Union- Was the SacFooty Spring League sponsor for the 2018 season. A fun atmosphere, delicious craft beers and food trucks on site to refuel our players.

In addition to the donations, several of our sponsors were able to offer exciting discounts to our members! As an SAFC Member, you get access to the following offers:


California Auto Body North-

  • $100 off an Insurance Claim
  • Or 10% off any repairs


  Adamo?s Kitchen -

  • Check out this local neighborhood favorite!

Inspired Wellness -

  • $15 Drop In for Individual Bootcamp Classes - a savings of $5 (select "Footy" option when signing up via 'Schedule' tab on website) 
  • $21 for 21 days at the Studio for new members only - a savings of $9   
  • $60 for 1-1 Lifestyle Transformation Academy sessions - a savings of $15 per
  • $130 Unlimited Boot Camp Membership (month-to-month) - a savings of $25
  • $105 8x Per Month Membership (month-to-month) - a savings of $25!
  • $75 5x Per Month Membership (month-to-month) - a savings of $25!
  • $99 MyZone Heart Rate Strap- Retail $149, a savings of $50

Kupros Craft House -


  • Check out the club's midtown hangout!


Aussie Sports USA- 


  • Making footy gear accessible to all!



Interested in sponsoring or partnering with the SAFC?

The SAFC,is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Please contact us here for sponsorship opportunities.