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USAFL National Tournament

October 21 & 22, 2017- Teams descended upon San Diego for the annual USAFL National Tournament. This year may have been one of the largest in the USAFL history with five Men’s Divisions and two women’s divisions. The tournament was held at the Surf Cup Sports Park in Del Mar, a large well maintained open space that was able to accommodate six footy fields!

The Suns participated in Division II and several men participated in Division V paired with the Seattle Grizzlies. This year was an exciting year for the Suns as a record number of rookies attended the tournament, 13 in total!

Special congratulations to Ed Manning for being awarded Most Consistent Player in Division 2.

Suns Standings

Division II

Game 1: Orange County Bombers 3.1.28 to Suns 0.8.8

Game 2: Minnesota Freeze 5.3.33 to Suns 2.3.15

Game 3: Boston Demons 0.1.1 to Suns 7.6.48

Division V

Game 1: Austin Crows 8.12.60 to Seattle/Portland 0.1.1

Game 2: LA Dragons 2.7.19 to Seattle/Portland 1.5.11

Game 3: Baltimore WA Eagles 8.1.49 to Seattle/Portland 2.2.14

The Lady Suns took nearly a full squad, twenty two women in total with nine rookies! The Lady Suns faced some tough competition and each year our team makes great strides. The games were low scoring in general and the defensive line put up one helluva fight. Unfortunately the wind was a big factor in all three of the games and the Lady Suns were not able to capitalize on it. Despite the Lady Suns standings, it was really exciting to see some of the rookies take a dominant role on the field and we look forward to seeing these players develop over time.

A fourth game was played by a handful of our Lady Suns. An exhibition game versus the Aussie Sparks was played by a combination of Lady Suns, NY Magpies & the Montreal Angels. The Aussie Sparks had fresh legs and a number of subs heading into this exhibition match, however the combination team was able to hold the Sparks to a low scoring loss! This was one of two matches the Aussie Sparks participated in which wrapped up their West Coast tour. It was a wonderful opportunity for the girls who traveled from Australia and again, the Sacramento Australian Football Club would like to thank the Aussie Sparks for several competitive matches, a wonderful training session and great company!

A special shout out to Lady Suns co-founder, Amy Bishop, for participating in her 13th USAFL Nationals!

Lady Suns Standings

Calgary Kookaburras 1.4.10 to Lady Suns 1.1.7

Denver Bulldogs 2.6.18 to Lady Suns 0.0.0

NY Magpies 2.2.14 to Lady Suns 1.4.10


Lady Suns Host Aussie Sparks

October 14, 2017- The Sacramento Lady Suns hosted the Aussie Sparks, a women's development squad touring the USA.  The Aussie Sparks brought approximately twenty women and their coaching staff on a tour of multiple US cities prior to the USAFL National Tournament. The purpose of the tour is to educate, improve and share in the popularity of Australian Football in America. 

The Aussie Sparks squad is made up of players from across Australia and led by Coach Gravesy as well sa the captain of the women's Freemantle Football Club, Kara Donnellan and GWS forward, Jacinda Barclay as a mentor coach. 

Warm ups and skill work was led by Jacinda, followed by several on field walk-through game scenarios for on field stoppages. Following the on field work The Sacramento Lady Suns took on the traveling Aussie Sparks in a friendly tag game of footy. The two teams played two fifteen minute halves with 12 vs 12, with the Sparks quickly taking the lead. The Lady Suns put up a decent fight, however the Aussie Sparks had numbers to the ball, quickly played on and kicked with accuracy in order to secure the win!

Following the days run, both teams enjoyed a social afternoon at SAFC sponsor, Kupros and exchanged a handful of  gifts. In the evening, the Aussie Sparks and several Lady Suns attended a college football game (or grid iron as the Aussies say); Sacramento Hornets vs Idaho Bengals. 

The Aussie Sparks will be participating in several exhibition matches next weekend at the USAFL National Tournament in San Diego October  21-22. 

The Lady Suns are in Pool B of the Women's Division I, while the Suns are competing in the Men's Division II. For more information and game times, click HERE.


SacAFL Finals 2017

September 23, 2017- A beautiful cool morning would set the tone for this weekend's final round. An impressive number of ladies were available for the final game, however several veteran players remained sidelined due to injuries. Rest up before National's ladies, we've got something to prove!

The Sheriffs/Jail Birds took on the Bandits/Gold Digger combo. It was a tough, one sided game with nearly every player on the Bandits/Gold Diggers securing at least one goal.  Not only did the Bandits/Gold Diggers have the run of the field, the defense was able to completely shut out the Sheriffs/Jail Birds. The Sheriffs/Jail Birds did not give up and put up a decent fight, they just lost the transition from their midfield to the forward line...better luck next season ladies!

After twelve rounds of competition, it was the Gold Diggers who took home the 2017 SacAFL Trophy & Kupro's Gift Certificates! Congratulations to the Gold Diggers Captain, Makenzie Seckora and her squad including Olivia Christensen,  Amanda & Christine Flok, Rosemary Kloh and Leka Green.

The Marshalls/Convicts battled against the Outlaws/Miners in a close competition. It was a bit of nail biter to see which team would take home the title.  The Miners/Outlaws ended the first quarter with a decent lead and held that up over the remaining three quarters to secure the win. The Miners/Outlaws clinched victory with a final score of 14.5.89 to the Marshalls/Convicts 6.6.42.

After twelve rounds of competition, it was the Outlaws who took home the 2017 SacAFL Trophy & Kupro's Gift Certificates! Congratulations to Outlaws Captain Sean Sears and Vice Captain Colby Campbell and their squad Chris Gould, JP Odbert, Julian David, Matthew O'Leary, Rey Howard & Sam Doyle.


Final Round Best on Ground Awards

Women’s: Rosemary Kloh

Men’s:  Kelly Meriano

SacAFL 2017 Final Round


Sheriffs / Jail Birds

Gold Diggers / Bandits

1st Half

2nd Half


 J. Smith (3), R. Kloh (3), A. Flok (2), C. Flok (1), M. Seckora (1), C. Adamo (1), O. Christensen (1)

Field & Boundary

S. Tyebjee, S. Hensley 

Scorers/Goal Umps

C. GriffinR. Kwoka, T. Towe


Marshalls / Convicts

Miners / Outlaws

Quarter 1

Quarter 2

Quarter 3


Quarter 4



R. Kowka (2), D. Caia, E. Manning, K. Meriano, R. AsuncionB. Brewer (4), C. Campbell (4), R. Boyer (3), W. Connelly (2), T. Ghiorso

Field & Boundary

M. Seckora, M. O'LearyR. Sheaffer, M. Katapula

Scorers/Goal Umps

K. O'Connor, E. ScriberL. Verkerk, A. DeCarl


SacAFL Round 8

August 19, 2017-Another great day of footy for the Lady Suns! Even with low numbers while some of our girls are off representing the Suns and the U.S., we were able to have a competitive game thanks to those that showed up and some help from our supportive male Suns (thanks, gents!).

The first quarter was extremely close, but the combined speed of the Floks launched the Sheriffs/Gold Diggers into a 4 point lead heading into the second quarter. Quarter 2 saw a fire lit under the Jail Birds/Bandits; however, 3 additional goals being scored to take the lead at halftime. Kasey O’Connor’s return to the footy pitch seriously tested her formerly broken foot, but she put that boot to work and was able to contribute 3 goals before halftime, with Helen Mondia securing the 4th to extend the lead for the Birds/Bandits 4.0.24 to the Sheriffs/Gold Diggers 2.5.17.

The second half the Bandits were able to extend their lead thanks to goals from Chiara Adamo, Erin “Ranga” Schaeffer, and two more from Kasey. The Sheriffs/Bandits never gave up though, with additional goals from Christine, Amanda Flok, and Olivia Chistensen keeping the game competitive down to the last second. The final score was Sheriffs/Gold Diggers 4.7.31 to the Jail Birds/Bandits 9.1.55.

The Men’s game proved to be another game where both teams ended up with about the same number of scoring shots on goal, rewarding victory only to the more accurate team. In this case, the Convicts & Outlaws proved to be more accurate off the boot.

The Marshalls, Miners, and Free Agents (because all four free agents ended up playing for the M&M combo in blue) seemed to mesh pretty well together in the first quarter, and came out firing away. Daniel Caia & Will Connelly--the two new Australian free agents who recently moved to Sacramento from Australia--made an immediate impact on the play of the game, distributing the ball with speed and accuracy. Will sped his way into an open goal in the first quarter. And on the other side, Colby Campbell slotted one to keep the Convicts/Outlaws within a kick at the end of the first quarter. Marshalls/Miners led 1.3.9 to the Convicts 1.1.7.

The second quarter was another evenly matched time frame of play, with resident speedsters on both sides kicking true for a few goals. Kendall “Rabbit” Hutchings kicked the only scoring shot for the Marshalls/Miners in the quarter, while Kelly Meriano and Ed “Bubbles” Manning were able to kick truly for the Convicts/Outlaws...who took the lead by the end of the 2nd quarter. Marshalls fell behind with a score of  2.3.15, and the Convicts/Outlaws now led with a score of 3.3.21.

The third quarter was yet another relatively evenly matched quarter of play--however, fatigue began to set in on the part of the Marshalls/Miners...that and big kickers Colby Campbell & Robert Kwoka stole a pair of goals for the Convicts/Outlaws to expand their lead over the Marshalls/Miners. Rookie, Tim Peterson, was able to orchestrate another goal to keep his team’s hope alive as the 3rd quarter ended with the Marshalls/Miners trailing 3.4.22 to the Convicts/Outlaws 5.4.34.

Although the Marshalls/Miners fought hard and even controlled plenty of the footy in the final term, their six scoring shots all ended in minor scores. The defensive pressure from Convict/Outlaw veterans Mark “Sparky” McGreevy and Chris “Phantom” Gould definitely contributed to the Marshalls/Miners inability to kick truly in 4th quarter. And to hammer the final nails in the coffin, Best on Ground’s Kelly Meriano kicked his second goal, and lastly, the big forward Colby Campbell struck another pair of goals through the tall posts, as the Convicts/Outlaws finished off the Marshalls/Convicts with a score of 8.5.53 to the Marshalls/Miners 3.10.28.


Round 8 Best on Ground Awards

Women’s: Kasey O’Connor

Men’s:  Kelly Meriano

SacAFL 2017 Round 8 Results


Sheriffs / Gold Diggers

Jail Birds/ Bandits

Quarter 1



Quarter 2



Quarter 3



Quarter 4




Amanda F., Christine F.(2), Olivia

Chiara (2), Kasey (5), Helen, Erin

Field & Boundary

Ed, Isaac, Whitey


Scorers/Goal Umps


Scott H, J-Lee


Marshalls / Miners

Convicts / Outlaws

Quarter 1



Quarter 2



Quarter 3



Quarter 4




Kendall H, Tim P, Will C

Colby C (4), Kelly M (2), Ed M, Robert K

Field & Boundary

Kasey, Whitey, Metz, & Isaac


Scorers/Goal Umps


Chiara, Ranga

July Re-Cap, a busy month it has been!

SacAFL Round 5 


July 29, 2017-Heat and humidity set the scene for this weekends Metro game.


The Sheriffs/Gold Diggers teamed up to take on the Bandits/Jail Birds. Two twenty minute halves were played with 8 vs 8 and no subs! In the first quarter, it was obvious which team had speed on their side as the Bandits/Jail Birds took a significant lead! The majority of the goals in the first half were scored by Nicolette Clark who made a surprise appearance, and new player Erika Palmer. The Sheriffs/Gold Diggers did not go down without a fight and re-arranged their line up in an attempt to fight back. With defensive player, Makenzie Seckora winning the majority of the rucks, and Amanda Flok’s accurate goal kicking, their team made a valiant comeback. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to secure the win and the Bandits/Jail Birds walked away with a final score of 8.2.42 to the Sheriffs/Gold Diggers 5.6.36.

The Lady Suns wish all our players heading to Australia the best of luck, and we cannot wait to watch you represent the Suns, as well as the USA, down under!


The men's competition saw a match-up of the Marshalls/Miners against the Outlaws/Convicts. The game was played 9 vs 9 with several subs and four fifteen minute quarters. There was a handful of new players, however the competition was still fierce. The Outlaws/Convicts took the lead in the first and second quarter while the Marshals/Miners were off to a slow start.  Captain, Saleh Tyebjee was everywhere on the field scoring five goals and securing one goal in the last few minutes of the game and teaching the boys a lesson about time management! This last minute goal secured the win for the Marshalls/Miners with a final score of 11.9.75 to the Bandits/Jail Birds 10.12.72

Round 5 Best on Ground Awards

Women’s: Nicolette Clark

Men’s:  Saleh Tyebjee


SacAFL 2017 Round 5 Results 


Sheriffs / Gold Diggers

Bandits/ Jail Birds

First Half



Second Half



Goal kickers

  1. Flok (3), A. Bishop, M. Matapula

N. Clark (3), E. Palmer (2), E. Schreiber( 2), Kerry (1)

Field & Boundary

S. Tyebjee, A. Jacobs


Scorers/Goal Umps

R. Bahramand

B. Anderson,


Marshalls / Miners

Outlaws / Convicts

Quarter 1



Quarter 2



Quarter 3



Quarter 4



Goal kickers

S. Tyebjee (5), B. Brewer (2), T. Towe (2) A. Crumpacker, Tim

R. Boyer (3), J. Bylicki (2), C. Campbell, K. Meriano, S. Ramirez, C. Griffin, Tony

Field & Boundary

M. Seckora, V. Schoennagel, E. Schreiber

H. Mondia, L. Green

Scorers/Goal Umps

R. Bahramand

B. Anderson, E. Sheaffer, A. Avila


SAFC Trivia Night & Silent Auction

July 23, 2017- The Sacramento Australian Football Club brought back one of the club’s well known fundraisers, Trivia Night. This year, SAFC sponsor Adamo’s hosted our event while Whole Foods Market’s donation allowed organizer, Makenzie Seckora, to prepare a menu of delectable dishes. 

Eight teams arrived to battle it out in four rounds of Trivia and their costumes were as original as their team names. Teams included: Low Expectations, Jersey Chasers, Kamikaze Butterflies, Swole Mates, Gray Matters, Crouching Tiger Hidden Wood, Your Worst Nightmare & Smart Asses (or re-named Aliens & Pepper by hostess Laure Kwoka).


Round 1 covered an array of sports related questions while Round 2 tested attendees knowledge of California & The USA. At the end of Round 2, the standings were as follows:

On the menu for the evening, was an array of snacks including prosciutto wrapped asparagus, caprese skewers, bruschetta, charcuterie and pita chips with hummus. A full dinner was served which consisted of two salads, spinach, goat cheese & balsamic vinaigrette and caesar as well as two types of pasta, vegan lemon & asparagus and chicken orecchiette & broccoli. Beer & Wine was available for purchase by attendees.

After dinner concluded, Round 3 was a handful of questions about Entertainment. While hostess Laure tallied the team scores, hostess Makenzie announced the raffle winners. Due to generous donations, the raffle prizes included two 90 minute deep tissue massages, a men’s Black Chrome compression shirt, and three $60 vouchers to the Sacramento State Aquatic Center.

Round 4 was a Lightning Round and covered a handful of topics including spelling challenges & movie quotes. Team answer sheets were collected and while the scores were being tallied, the silent auction winners were announced.


In the end, it was Gray Matters who took 1st place and as the name suggests, Low Expectations came in dead last!  In addition to a prize for the winning trivia team, a prize was also awarded to the best dressed team. The 2017 Best Dressed trivia team was awarded to Your Worst Nightmare; this happens to be the Flok’s second year bagging this award!

This event was a great success and could not have been pulled off without donations from a variety of many local companies. A big shout out to Director of Events, Makenzie Seckora for putting together this entire event from start to finish, securing all donations and for hosting a lively and entertaining evening!




July 22, 2017-The Sacramento Australian Football Club hosted its second free Youth Footy Clinic. There were approximately 20 kids in attendance with several returning players. After a brief warm up game of Sharks vs. Minnows, the kids were instructed on the basics of handballing and kicking. Next on the agenda, a game of Rob the Nest, where one team defended their nest of footies and the opposing team's goal was to sneak in, remove the footies, and run out of the circle to safety without being tagged. After both teams had a chance at offense and defense, they were encouraged to use more handball passes to get the footies out of the nest. In Round 2, we saw many more handball passes. The kiddos picked up on the skills quickly and were making decisions regarding who their best option was to get their footy to safety.

The next activity was designed to teach goal kicking. The kids were divided by age (older kids & younger kids) and then divided further into two teams. Each team simultaneously practiced kicking goals and retrieving the footy. The kids weren't allowed to cross the goal line, and had to wait for a footy to come across the line before retrieving and attempting a goal of their own. The object of the activity for the younger group was to score 10 goals as a team before the other team. And for the older group of kids, one team tried to score 3 consecutive goals before the other team could score one.

The final activity was a small field scrimmage. Teams were divided equally with a mixture of all age groups.  The kids had a great time putting the building blocks and skills from the prior drills into action. The game was complete with an umpire making calls and explaining rules along the way. For the last 5 minutes of the scrimmage, the older kids were asked to watch from the sidelines to allow the younger children more opportunities to touch the football. It was fun to see the kids enjoy themselves...the competitive spirit is strong among these youngsters. The three oldest teenage boys from this clinic even played in the men’s SacAFL tackle game an hour later!

This wonderful event was spearheaded by SAFC Treasurer Kendall Hutchings with the help of Youth Footy Committee. Next summer, 2018, the Sacramento Australian Football Club hopes to schedule a Youth Footy Camp or league! As always, events can be found on our Facebook  page and if you are interested in having the SAFC host a youth footy clinic with your group of kids, or class contact [email protected].


SacAFL Round 4

The women’s game saw a match-up between the Sheriffs/Bandits and the Gold Diggers/Jail BIrds. It was another hot day for footy, however the women decided to play two twenty minute halves (tournament style). Numbers were again tight, however at the last minute two new recruits threw on jumpers to fill in and the game was played with eight women on either team.

With several of the women in attendance gearing up to play at the International Cup in Australia in the next few weeks, the game was more reserved than normal. However, this did not detract from the level of play we were seeing on the field by all! The Sheriffs/Bandits started off strong with the opening goal scored by powerhouse Liz Danielson in the first half. However, the Gold Diggers/Bandits duo were able score back-to-back goals to take the lead early in the first half. Goal kickers were Oanh Kien and Amanda Flok, who has been on an offensive frenzy since her return to the field this season! New recruit Anysia Avila scored her first goal for the Sheriffs/Bandits to keep her team within arm’s reach going into halftime. The Sheriffs/Bandits were thrilled to welcome back Chiara Adamo, longtime Lady Sun and defensive stronghold, who was able to stop several offensive attacks with hard-earned spoils in the backline.

Half 2, however; saw the Gold Diggers/Jailbirds pull away with the lead. Thanks to 3 more goals from the dynamic duo of Amanda (1) and Oanh (2), and a defensive shutout lead by Lady Suns back and USA Liberty player Makenzie Seckora, the “Gold Birds” were able to clinch the victory with a final score of Sheriffs/Bandits 2.1.16 to Gold Diggers/Jailbirds 5.7.37.

The men’s game was a combination of the Marshalls/Outlaws and the Miners/Convicts. The Marshalls/Outlaws pulled ahead in the first quarter 3.4.11 to the Miners/Convicts 0.1.1. The scoreboard remained lopsided as the Marshalls/Outlaws continued to have the advantage throughout the next three quarters. Both teams were on a kicking frenzy, however the ratio of behinds to goals could have been improved for both sides! The final score, Marshalls/Outlaws 13.8.86 to the Miners/Convicts 5.9.39.

Round 4 Best on Ground Awards

Women’s: Oanh Nguyen

Men’s: Saleh Tyebjee




SacAFL 2017 Round 4 Results


Sheriffs / Bandits

Gold Diggers/ Jail Birds

1st Half



2nd Half



Goal kickers

L. Danielson(1), A. Avila (1)

O. Nguyen (3), A. Flok (2)

Field & Boundary

  1. Jacobs & M. Lege


Scorers/Goal Umps

K. O’Connor

T. Towe, R. Kwoka, C. Ritnoppakun


Marshalls / Outlaws

Miners / Convicts

Quarter 1



Quarter 2



Quarter 3



Quarter 4



Goal kickers

S. Tyebjee (4), C. Campbell (4), S. Doyle (2), R. Wurst, S. Hensley, M. Lege

K. Meriano (2), T. Kellum, T. Towe, C. Griffin

Field & Boundary

V. Schoennagel, M. Seckora

O. Nguyen, L. Danielson

Scorers/Goal Umps

C. Adamo, S. Pagano

O. Christensen, A. Avila

SacAFL Round 3


July 15, 2017-A typical hot weekend in Sacramento was the setting for SacAFL Round 3. The women’s team was surprisingly short on numbers and unfortunately were not able to hold a full game. Instead, Coach Andy set up some critical drills in order to further the ladies understanding of the game and movement of the ball. All things that build a strong, unified team; hoping to take the Lady Suns to the next level! The drills were followed by a half field scrimmage, and while numbers were low, those that were present put the skills and game scenarios to work. Quick movement of the ball forced players to make smart decisions. Thank you to those players who were available.

The men’s game was the Marshalls/Convicts versus the Outlaws/Miners. The men played played four fifteen minute quarters. Captain Saleh Tyebjee was clearly on a heater and managed to score five goals to help secure a win for his team. It was a hard fought game, however the Outlaws/Miners clearly had the advantage with a final score of 11.1.73 to the Marshalls/Convicts 4.3.27


Round 3 Best on Ground Awards

Men’s: Saleh Tyebjee

  SacAFL 2017 Round 3 Results


Marshalls / Convicts


Quarter 1



Quarter 2



Quarter 3



Quarter 4



Goal kickers

S. MacEachern (3), R. Kwoka

S. Tyebjee (5), T. Towe (2), B. Brewer (2), S. Sears, Tyler

Field & Boundary

R. Kloh


Scorers/Goal Umps

K. O’Connor

E. Sheaffer, L. Danielson, N. Clark

Player Feature: Katie Klatt-USA Freedom

Katie Klatt is a twenty-five year old professional with a career as a Pediatric Intensive Care Nurse. She recently moved across the world to Melbourne, Australia to pursue her goal, to become involved with the Women's Professional AFL League. Katie’s decision comes at a great time for Women’s Footy. 2017 marked the inaugural year of the professional Women's’ AFL Series, the AFLW.


As a child, Katie played soccer and field hockey. In high school, Katie continued to participate in sports. She ran sprints and hurdles for track and field and participated in field hockey year-round. In her Junior year of high school, Katie was named the District Player of the Year and named to the All-Region Team in Fairfax County, Virginia. Katie attended the University of Virginia and played field hockey all four years; the team were National Champions in 2009. Katie held the roles of President and Coach in the year 2012. 

After college, Katie moved to California for a change of pace. A job opportunity with UC Davis Medical Center brought her directly to Sacramento....where she quickly found The Sacramento Australian Football Club. Katie began her footy journey through the 2013 Fall SacFooty Co-Ed Tag League. Katie joined the Sacramento Lady Suns the following year, 2014 and quickly became a leader on the field. Katie was elected to the leadership group and was the Captain for the 2015 season. In addition to being one of the leading goal scorers, Katie received the award for Best and Fairest two years in a row.

In April 2015, Katie traveled to Tucson, Arizona to participate in the USA Freedom and Liberty Training Camp. At this camp, over 70 women across the nation traveled to show off their skills and knowledge of the game.  The heat was intense, but that didn’t slow Katie down. Not only was she selected to play for the 2016 USA Freedom, she was also elected as the West Coast Vice Captain.  

In August of 2015, The USA Freedom, USA Liberty and USA Revolution traveled to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to participate in the 2016 Parallel Cup. Here, all three teams would compete against teams from Canada on the only regulation size footy field in the USA! These games would be streamed live and with an audience back home, Katie again impressed viewers with her quick decisions and endurance.

After the Parallel Cup, not only were top USA teams watching Katie, teams from Australia were as well. Katie was invited to travel to Australia to participate in an academy try out. The majority of the girls showcasing their skills were native Australians who had grown up around and playing footy, however as expected, Katie impressed the coaches.  She was asked to travel back to Australia to participate in two exhibition games for the GWS Giants & North Melbourne. These games convinced Katie to go all-in and move to Australia to pursue footy.


Fast Forward:

Katie is currently living in Melbourne and plays for the Melbourne Uni Mugars. 2017 marks the inaugural year of the AFLW in Australia, and Katie has been busy training in the AFL Victorian Women's Academy and with the Mugars squad. The SAFC has had the pleasure of catching up with Katie, and she has written a blog to bring us up to speed on her footy journey. 


May 2017-Now that it’s been over half a year since I dropped everything and moved to Australia, I suppose it’s time for an update. Hopefully I can share what I’ve been learning here with the footy community in the US, so maybe more women who want to follow a footy dream can make it over here one day. Maybe if I share my experience, someone else will decide this is the path they want to take.

Literally the day I landed in Melbourne, I hit the ground running. I went to my first training with the Melbourne University Women’s Football Club that night. From there, the whole first month of footy was a blur. I played a game with the Division 3 team, then moved up to play in the Premier Division, the reserves for the top VFL squad, for the rest of the season. The system is changing this year, but basically the VFL squad will be the top side, and the reserves will play in the Northern Football League.

The standard of women’s footy here is astonishing. It’s quick, it’s tough, there are big hits and a lot of bravery. The biggest adjustment I had to make was to the speed of play – decision making must happen lightning fast. In what might be just milliseconds, you have to determine the best place to deliver the ball, and execute the skill cleanly, all under pressure. It is by far faster than any footy I’ve played before. For the first few weeks, my skill level dropped while I tried to make these quick decisions. I had absolutely shocking kicks during that time, hardly ever hitting a target. It was a bit embarrassing really. Luckily, the sheer number of hours I was training helped my skills improve rapidly, and I’ve improved in my ability to perform skills effectively under pressure.

I was invited to train in the Victorian Women’s Football League Academy for the preseason. I went into it very naïve about what preseason really meant; I was in for a rude awakening. After the first day of fitness testing, our fitness and training program was set out for us. Once a week, we trained at Essendon’s multi-million dollar facilities. The training lasts over 2 ½ hours. We’d move from skills to game scenarios, then onto running and weights. Outside of that training, we were given a personalized weights program to complete based on our fitness testing and weights progress. We were also expected to continue training with our club, and had to complete 3 running sessions each week. The first few weeks, I found myself waking up sore every morning. It took time for my body to adjust. I have a new role with the USA Freedom this year, creating our running program, and I am modeling it after the runs I am completing through Academy and club training. Let me tell you, these sort of repetitive-sprint runs never get easier, even after 4 months of training and a mid-run spew (just kidding, haven’t spewed yet, but sometimes I’m a bit worried…).

Club training has been a weekly push as well. Spurred by the AFLW’s success, dozens of women new to footy are coming to training. So much so, that Melbourne Uni just announced they would field a FOURTH women’s team this year! The coach, Andrew Jago, has been incredibly supportive and helpful in my transition. He gives me specific feedback so I can train with a purpose.

More recently, I had the honor of pulling on the North Melbourne Kangaroos jumper, as they fielded their first ever women’s team. North Melbourne has a provisional license in the AFLW, which means that when the AFLW is expanded in 2018, North Melbourne will have priority in the team selection process. The exhibition match was the next step towards seeing that end goal reached. We played after the JLT Community Series men’s game, Kangaroos vs. Hawks, at Arden Street, the historic home of North Melbourne. It was quite an event; we had use of the facility, had a guard of honor from the men, and the head men’s coach Brad Scott gave us a quick pre-game speech. We delivered a resounding win that day, so it left everyone in high spirits. I played in the half back line, and in the midfield. I had quite a few touches, and assisted three of our goals. However, I also found myself playing a bit hesitant at times. Feedback after the game reminded me to back myself in contests; that I should have the confidence to go after the footy because I can win it.

That feedback made me realize that while I played with confidence in the US, I had lost a bit of that coming here. When I train with women who have been playing footy here for years, it’s easy to think that I have less skill and experience, so I should let them take care of things while being there to support. However, that kind of hesitation has no place in footy. So, what will I do to improve it? Keep practicing. The more I train, the more my confidence will grow (I hope). Outside of scheduled trainings, a friend and I meet weekly to work on skills. We have this routine now where we have to make 50 kicks on our right foot and 50 kicks on our left foot without dropping the footy or missing the target. Until that happens, we can’t go home. Sometimes, we even push it to 100!

Now that the season is underway, my focus is on my training. My main goal this year was to earn a spot on the VFL squad. So far, in the first 3 games of the season, I’ve reached that goal. However, this is by no means set in stone. Each week I must perform well to be selected. It’s even  tougher this year; 17 Mugars returned with AFL training under their belt. Many people have asked me if I’m looking forward to the AFLW draft this year. Honestly, I still have a long way to go before I can consider that. The women playing AFLW have put in the hard yards for years; I only just got here. First things first, I want to be able to play on the field with them in the VFL. I still need a lot more experience and game time before I’m ready. Nothing here will come easily for me, which, truthfully, was sometimes the case for me in the US. Down the road, yes, my goal is still to be drafted in the AFLW. But the work has already started and must continue, and I must constantly strive to reach a higher level. Not to mention, the International Cup is looming in August, when I will be back with my USA teammates. I’m already way too excited about that, but as a team we have some goals to reach, and that starts with my individual effort here.

So, I must keep pushing along. What felt like an endless preseason finally came to an end, and now I’m constantly pushing for a spot in the VFL. During never-ending 200m sprints, I like to visualize myself taking a specky in a pack. That’s my other goal this season – if I manage that one, you best believe you’ll be hearing about it. Until then – Katie.

Katie was again selected to represent Team USA at the upcoming 2017 International Cup, which is scheduled to be held August 5th -19th in Melbourne, Australia. Katie was able to travel back to Arlington, Texas in April of 2017 to participate in the USA Freedom & Liberty Camp. This was the last weekend that all the women selected to represent both teams were able to work together as a team leading up to the competition.

At the training camp, Katie’s improvement was showcased. The weekend consisted of team warm ups, team drills and multiple scrimmages. Katie always had the endurance needed to be successful at footy, however, it was apparent that all her hard work and training is paying off. Katie moved quickly and fluidly in the midfield, avoiding defenders all while surveying the field to find her best option. Katie’s kicks were impressive; the form, distance and accuracy is something most American-born football players only strive to accomplish. Katie has come a long way in a short period of time and there is no doubt that she will continue to have a successful footy career in both the USA and Australia.

Congratulations to Katie on being selected to represent the USA Freedom at the upcoming International Cup. Good, luck mate!

If you are interested in making a contribution to help send our Sacramento Suns to Australia, a group GoFundMe has been set up; click here to be redirected.

11221730_1033915786642558_6049938519601567197_o.jpgCopy of P1140907.jpg

Lady Suns vs Denver 2015 USA Freedom 2017

katie 1.jpg

Klatt Playing for North Melbourne in the Exhibition Game, February 2016


Player Feature: Saleh Tyebjee-USA Revolution

July 18, 2017-Saleh Tyebjee was born and raised in Oakland, California. Saleh attended The College Preparatory High School where he played soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and golf.  Saleh had heard of Australian Football as early as high school; however, never thought he’d find himself playing it!

“My soccer team in high school were seen as a bunch of hooligans by most. We embraced that and in the days before YouTube and Wikipedia we would tell each other stories about this crazy sport called Australian Rules Football that none of us really knew much about. We'd fill in the gaps in knowledge with whatever we thought made the sport sound tougher, and nobody knew better to tell us otherwise. At the time, I never thought I'd find it and play it.“-Tyebjee

Saleh attended UC Davis College and double majored in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering. He states that his goal was to play Lacrosse in college; however, the training schedule always seemed to interfere with his heavy workload of chemistry and physics labs. He did however, find time to participate in basketball and intramural sports.

After Tyebjee graduated, he moved to Sacramento, CA to work for Aerojet, a company that designs space propulsion and rocket engines.  Being new to the area, Saleh had not yet met many people and happened upon a bulletin post in his apartment complex newsletter (circa 2009) that advertised a local Sacramento Australian Football Club. Saleh attended the inaugural Sacramento Australian Football Club meeting, which was led by Matt & Amy Bishop and held in the apartment complex’s social room. Turns out the SAFC founders were basically Saleh’s neighbors! The following week, the SAFC held an impromptu footy social event which Tyebjee attended, and he’s been hooked ever since.

It was apparent from the get go that Saleh would be a player to watch. His natural athleticism and height made him the perfect player for Matt Bishop to take under his wing and shape. Saleh quickly picked up the game and skills and in late 2009 (the year he started) he played in his first Revo game, the Revolution vs Canada in Mason, Ohio. Saleh states he had low expectations regarding his playing time, since he was a last minute addition. However, in the first quarter, they starting ruckman suffered a concussion and Saleh replaced him; playing nearly the full game.

In 2010, the Revolution added a development squad and Saleh was recruited to participate. Saleh received Best on Ground in this game versus Canada, and was asked to move up and play with the Seniors side, which took place immediately after! Saleh stepped up to the challenge and did not disappoint.

In 2011, Saleh was selected to participate in the International Cup. After months of rigorous training, flying across the pond, Saleh took the field as a USA Revo. Disastrously, he separated his shoulder in a loss against Papua New Guinea and was unable to play in the final game: USA vs New Zealand.

In 2014, Saleh returned to Australia to participate in his second International Cup. Unfortunately, the USA Revolution did not have a good showing and under performed according to the team's standards. Despite the team's disappointment,  Saleh was one of two Revolution players to be selected to the All-World Team, a prestigious award and a great honor.

Saleh is now training for his third International Cup, and has been selected as the Revolution Vice Captain. In addition to Saleh’s many roles within the USA Revolution, he has been a Sacramento Sun for eight years. He has had many roles during that time, player, captain, SAFC President, SAFC Director of Operations, Lady Suns Coach, Youth Footy committee member, and is one of two Suns players who’ve played in 50+ games. The SAFC relies heavily on Saleh for his skills and knowledge of the game; not to mention his recruiting skills. Rumor has it he will take most bets to get new players to the field!

No doubt the SAFC is lucky to have Saleh among our ranks for many reasons.The SAFC wishes him the best of luck in his 3rd International Cup. Congratulations Saleh and good luck, mate!

If you are interested in making a contribution to help send our Sacramento Suns to Australia, a group GoFundMe has been set up; click here to be redirected.

saleh ic 14.PNG12034479_1060038114030325_4526596860153826561_o.jpg

IC 2014 USA Revolution        2015 USAFL Nationals

Suns Shine Bright at 2017 Western Regional Tournament in Denver

July 14, 2017-The altitude in Denver was not the only thing elevated last weekend – the Lady Suns came to play at this year’s Western Regionals Tournament in the Mile-High city – teaming up with the Seattle Grizzlies to win 2 out of 3 games and take 2nd place overall for the Women’s Division – a feat that has eluded the women’s club for the past few years!

The first game of the day set a high bar for what the competition would look like: the Lady Suns took on the elite powerhouse and host of the tournament - the Denver Lady Bulldogs. It was a hard fought battle, and the ladies left everything on the field – some blood included! Despite picking up momentum in the second half, and a great mark and goal by forward Oanh Kien, the Suns lost 1.0.6 to 6.3.39.

Instead of letting this rough start deter them, the Lady Suns looked ahead to their next game against a compilation of West Coast teams known as the “All-Stars”. The Suns came out guns a-blazing, with great communication, accurate kicks, and marks being made all over the field, this games was the epitome of a “team effort”! Captain Erin “Ranga” Schaeffer playing at center halfback, never let the ball be marked anywhere in her vicinity, and was able to clear it to the Suns’ midfield players to keep the score for the All-Stars at nil the entire first half. This paved the way for standout new forward Nicolette Clark, and veteran footy stud Elaine Schreiber to weave in and out of their defenders with ease and help keep the footy constantly in the Suns’ forward line. With goals from Elaine Schreiber, Co-captain Lauré Kwoka, and powerhouse Liz Danielson – the All-Stars soon learned that no one player could be given any leeway. After dominating both halves – the Suns pulled off an impressive victory over the All-Stars: 5.11.41 to 2.3.15.


Game 3 was a defensive battle between the Lady Suns and longtime rivals from across the Golden Gate Bridge – the San Francisco Iron Maidens. In a match-up that ended with close-scoring losses the last time these teams played each other in June, the Lady Suns were ready for redemption. While the Maidens had a one goal lead after the first half, the Lady Suns were not deterred from their mission, and came out swinging the second half. Elite ruck/back Rosemary Kloh teamed up with Grizzlies’ all-star April Lewis to lead a defensive charge from the midfield against the Maidens that left heads reeling and a few jaws dropped on the sidelines. Again, the Suns were able to keep control of the ball for a majority of the second half in their forward lines, and with the pressure mounting and time running out, Liz Danielson and Lauré Kwoka nailed two goals to clinch a one point win over the defending Nationals Champions. The final score was Lady Suns: 2.3.15 SF Iron Maidens: 2.2.14.

With the tenacity and level of play shown this past weekend, coupled with the depth of players able to score when the game is on the line, it is safe to say that other teams have finally realized if they don’t watch out for the Lady Suns, they will get burned.

WRT Women’s Best & Fairest awarded to April Lewis of the Seattle, Grizzlies


Meanwhile, in the Men’s competition, the Sacramento Suns paired with 10 players from the Portland Steelheads to take on the competition in Division II.  As cheers for “SunHeads” rang across the grounds it quickly became evident that the two clubs complimented each other well and had come to take a crack at the cup.

In their first game, the Suns took on re-emerging team in the Arizona Hawks.  Having not fielded a tournament team in many years, the Hawks came out to prey on a slow start by the Suns.  At the half, the Suns trailed the Hawks by a straight kick.  As the “SunHeads” began to gel in the second half, the goals started piling on.  Additionally, Suns ruckman Ed Manning played a strong game against Hawks and USA Revolution Ruckman Jason Wilhelm.  Use of the footy out of the center square was a critical portion of the Suns’ comeback.  In the end, the Suns won easily 6.5.41 to 3.2.20.  Goal kickers for the Suns were S. Tyebjee (2), C. Campbell, S. Doyle, and T. Towe.  One goal was kicked by a Portland player.

The second game of the tournament proved to be a one sided affair.  Even on their home grounds, the Denver B side struggled to find a footing against the relentless attack and the ruthless defense of the Suns.  Led by Kendall Hutchings in the backline, the Suns defense did not allow a goal the entire game, a massive feat in a tournament which could easily be decided by percentage.  The final score was 5.4.34 to 0.5.5 in favor of the Suns, taking the to 2-0 on the day and setting up a massive fight for the cup in the final game.  Suns goalkickers were C. Campbell, S. Sears, and S. Tyebjee.  Two goals were kicked by Portland players.

The final match-up of the day saw the Sacramento Suns taking on the Minnesota Freeze for the first time in Men’s Suns history.  With the Seattle Grizzlies stepping onto the other field also at 2-0, the Suns were in control of their own destiny.  A percentage advantage going into the game meant that any victory would almost certainly take home the cup.  The Freeze are an experienced side however, and were looking to re-establish some of their former glory.  Led by Revolution veterans Brent Fischer, Brent Mergen, and Zach Weaver, the Freeze played a strong “out the back” style of footy which created a dangerous time and space for their mid field line to find their big full forward on the boot.  The Suns managed the pressure well, however, and went into the half with a slim lead.  The pressure from the Freeze in the second half started from the first bounce.  Dangerous runs of attack were barely thwarted by touches at the goal line, and a MASSIVE hanging mark from center halfback Kendall Hutchings.  Using all the advantage of reduced air resistance at altitude, he launched himself onto the shoulders of the Freeze full forward and dragged down the Mark at about 14’ above the ground.  To a massive “OOOOOHHHHH” from the announcer and a collective “WOOOOWWWWW” from the players on the field, he popped back up, cool as a cucumber, and dropped back for his kick.  

Unfortunately for the Suns, accuracy let them down.  After a full on onslaught in the final few minutes to reclaim the lead that had been lost to the Freeze, too many minor scores cost the Suns the game.  The final score of 2.8.20 to 3.4.22 for the Freeze reflects just how close the Suns were to being back to back WRT Div II Premieres.  Colby Campbell kicked the Suns’ two goals with a strong game, and a strong tournament at the full forward position.

Congratulations to Suns captain Saleh Tyebjee for being named Best and Fairest by the umpires for Division II.  This marks three years in a row that a Sacramento Sun has won the Div II Best and Fairest award at the Western Regional Tournament!


Player Feature: Liz Danielson-USA Freedom

July 13, 2017-Liz Danielson grew up in Arcadia, California. She attended high school at Arcadia High where she was an avid track & field participant and played soccer. In track & field, she competed in discus, shot put, javelin hammer, and weight. She won an award for Best Female Thrower during her senior year.

In addition to sports, Liz participated in the marching and concert bands all four years of high school. Liz played the French Horn and was a section leader both her Junior and Senior years. One of Liz’s hidden talents-aka secrets- is every year during the holidays Liz, her Mom, Dad, and Brother form a quartet and play music at their family gatherings!

After high school, Liz moved to Sacramento to attend Sacramento State and become a competition rower. She graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Studies (Teaching Major) and a Minor in Mathematics and Kinesiology (2012). Liz chose to collect multiple minors which resulted in an additional year of college, and at that point her NCAA eligibility had expired. Liz was ineligible to compete in rowing; therefore she chose to play Rugby for the West Coast Collegiate All-Star team.

After college, Liz began coaching rowing for Capital Crew and Sacramento State. She now spends every single day on the water, and says she is one of the lucky individuals who loves her job. Her future career goals include becoming a classroom teacher, but for now she is more than content.

Liz continued to participate in Rugby after college for the Sacramento Amazons. During the summer of 2015, Liz was unable to compete in Rugby because it was Rugby 7’s Season and according to her, “I am not a 7’s player (quick and nimble)". She noticed that a few of her fellow rowers had attended several Sacramento Australian Football Club events and decided to check it out. Liz attended her first footy practice, played in one Lady Suns’ game versus the SF Maidens, and four weeks later joined the Sacramento Lady Suns at the National Tournament in Dallas, Texas.

At Nationals, Liz was quickly recognized as a standout player. According to USAFL Media Manager, Brian Barrish, “The surprise of Nationals was Liz Danielson, who played her first competitive footy at Nationals and went straight to work containing the Denver attack” (Barrish, 2016). With little experience, Liz was a dominant force in the mid field. She is a versatile player and can be used anywhere on the ground; from her body-on rucking skills to her impressive kicks (both distance and accuracy), she is a player to watch.

In addition to her athleticism, Liz is well known for many off-field talents. Liz has impressive crocheting skills as well as creating all sorts of stickers (from logos and quotes to embarrassing face photo stickers); both of these are future side hustles and she has already named them. In the future, look for her knitting company’s tag line, Knit Fast, Die Hard and her sticker company named Sticka Please. This gives you a good sense of her witty, light hearted, happy-go-lucky personality! She is a joy to have on and off the field and has really made a niche within the Sacramento Lady Suns.

In 2016, Liz along with several of her fellow Lady Suns’ traveled to Racine, WI to attend a weekend training camp. This camp, along with regional tournaments, would allow the coaching staff to select the next batch of players for the upcoming 2017 International Cup.

At the 2016 USAFL National Tournament in Sarasota Springs, Florida, Liz was announced to the 2017 USA Freedom Team. She will be joining several of her Sacramento teammates as well as many other talented ladies across the nation to compete in Australia. The USA Freedom will be competing in the International Cup in Australia August 5-19th, 2017.

In addition to her commitment to her rowing crew, her rugby team, and the Lady Suns, Liz has also taken on additional roles within the club. This year she serves as the SAFC Secretary and has been active in leading league management for our co-ed tag league. In addition, Liz has taken on the role of Umpire in Training and has umpired a handful of games this season.

Congratulations to Liz on being selected to represent the USA at the upcoming International Cup. Good luck, mate!

If you are interested in making a contribution to help send our Sacramento Suns to Australia, a group GoFundMe has been set up; click here to be redirected.


USA Freedom 2017                               SacAFL Metro Game 2016



Quote Source: Barrish, B. 2016. Retrieved July 12, 2017 from the World Wide Web:

SacAFL 2017 Round 2

July 1, 2017-SacAFL Round 2 was an exciting spectacle with two high scoring games.


The women’s game was a mash-up of the Sheriffs/Gold Diggers versus the Bandits/Jail Birds. The women played 9 v 9 with four 12 minute quarters. This was a tough battle with high intensity and a little too much estrogen! Right from the get go, it was the Sheriffs/Gold Diggers who took the lead with mommy Amanda Flok bagging four goals in her second game back on the pitch! Don’t be fooled, there was handful of other ladies who scored multiple goals as well, including Amanda’s spouse, Christine Flok with two goals, and the Lady Suns USA Freedom players, Rosemary Kloh & Liz Danielson with two goals a piece! This was a high scoring game, but don't be fooled, the Bandits/Jail Birds put up a good fight! They fought hard enough to ruffle some feathers and earn their team a few calls in their favor. Unfortunately, the Bandits/Jail Birds were unable to make a comeback. Final score saw the Sheriffs/Gold Diggers with 11.12.78 to the Bandits/Jail Birds 2.5.17.



The men’s game was the Marshalls/Miners versus the Outlaws/Convicts. The game was 11 v 11 and four 15 minute quarters were played. The game was a bit slow to start and by the half, the score was relatively equal. In the third quarter, a dramatic change was seen; the team captains must have lit the fire under the Marshalls/MIners as they pulled ahead with a 16 point lead. The Bandits/JailBirds fought hard, however, their effort was not enough to win the game. In the end it was the Marshalls/Miners who claimed Round 2 winners with a final score of 14.10.94 to the Outlaws/Convicts 8.2.50.





Round 2 Best on Ground Awards


Women’s:Christine Flok

Men’s: Saleh Tyebjee



SacAFL 2017 Round 2 Results



Sheriffs / Gold Diggers

Bandits / Jail Birds

Quarter 1



Quarter 2



Quarter 3



Quarter 4




  1. Flok (4), C. Flok (2), R. Kloh (2), L. Danielson (2),

  2. A. Bishop

L. Verkerk, O. Nguyen

Field & Boundary

S. Tyebjee, R. Kwoka, S. Hensley

E. Manning, C. Ritnoppakun

Scorers/Goal Umps

K. O’Connor, B. Anderson

B. Helwig, T. Towe


Marshalls / Miners


Quarter 1



Quarter 2



Quarter 3



Quarter 4




B. Brewer (7), T. Kellum (4), T. Towe, S. Tyebjee, S. MacEachern

C. Campbell (3), R. Asuncion (3) S. Doyle, E. Manning

Field & Boundary

V. Schoennagel, M. Bishop, R. Kloh

E. Sheaffer, L. Kwoka

Scorers/Goal Umps

K. O’Connor

C. Flok, S. Jeanette, L. Danielson,

O. Nguyen




Youth Footy Clinic #1

July 1, 2017-The Sacramento Australian Football Club hosted a FREE Youth Footy Clinic at Doc Oliver Field in Land Park. It was a lovely, sunny Saturday morning with twenty plus kiddos in attendance. The ages ranged from 5-14 with approximately ten kids under the age of 10 and a special appearance by our two youngest Suns’ supporters, Ella and Charlie Bishop, children of SAFC founders Matt & Amy Bishop.

After a brief warm up game of Sharks vs Minnows, the SAFC taught the basics of handballing and kicking to the attendees. Once the basics were in place, the kids were divided into two teams. The game was, Rob the Nest, where one team defended their nest of footies and the opposing team's goal was to sneak in, remove the footies and run out of the circle to safety without being tagged. After both teams had a chance at offense and defense, new rules were introduced. In Round 2, the offending team was allowed to enter the nest and hand ball their footy to a teammate in the safety zone. The kiddos picked up on the skills quickly and were making decisions regarding who their best option was to get their footy to safety.




The next activity was set up to teach goal kicking. The kids were divided by age (under nine years and over nine years) and then divided further into two teams. Each team simultaneously practiced kicking goals and retrieving the footy. The kids weren't allowed to cross the goal line, and had to wait for a footy to come across the line before retrieving and attempting a goal of their own. The object of the activity for the younger group was to score 10 goals as a team before the other team. And for the older group of kids, one team tried to score 3 consecutive goals before the other team could score one.


The final activity was a small field scrimmage. Teams were divided equally with a mixture of all age groups.  The kids had a great time putting the building blocks and skills from the prior drills into action. The game was complete with an umpire making calls and explaining rules along the way.


This wonderful event was spearheaded by SAFC Treasurer Kendall Hutchings with the help of Youth Footy Committee.  Many long time club members were in attendance to help on the day of the event and the SAFC was lucky enough to have two news channels drop in for an interview. Good Day Sacramento as well as ABC 10 stopped by; the SAFC would like to thank these broadcasters for their support and coverage of this event!


To view photographs of this event, click here or visit the Sacramento Australian Football Club on Facebook:




A second Youth Footy Clinic is scheduled for July 22, 2017 at 8:30 am. Click HERE for more information and to register your child for this FREE event.


The Good Day Sacramento Clip can be viewed HERE; for a nice overview of our free clinic and an interview with SAFC member, Kendall Hutchings.


Player Feature: Rosemary Kloh -USA Freedom

June 28, 2017-Rosemary Kloh grew up in San Diego, California, and is a very active individual who has played nearly every sport except soccer and golf. Kloh attended the San Diego High School of International Studies and she participated in softball, volleyball, basketball, swim team and cross country. Her stand out sports were softball and volleyball and she even managed to play club volleyball during her high school basketball season! Basically, she never stops moving!

Rosemary continued her athletic career while attending college. Kloh attended Sacramento State on a scholarship for Rowing, as a new recruit! By the second semester of her freshman year, she had made the varsity rowing team with one of the top ten fastest 6k ergometer scores. Kloh completed her four years of college and rowing while earning Most Outstanding Rower of the Year in 2015. She graduated from Sacramento State in December 2015 with a Bachelor’s of Art in Public Relations.

Currently Rosemary is a Customer Service Supervisor at National Car Rental as an Emerald Aisle Specialist. This is a good starting point and has allowed her to complete the supervisor course; however, her career goals are outside of the business. Rosemary aspires to do outreach for sports companies or health care companies in the future. She says her dream career would be to have a large farm with a farm-to-fork pizza restaurant in Dixon, CA with lots of chickens!


“Throughout college, I knew I could take my athleticism to another level, perhaps triathlons or long distance cycling maybe rowing again. I didn't care what or where as long as I got to do something extreme”-R. Kloh.


So how did she come to find this extreme sport called footy? From a second date! Rosemary accompanied Robert Kwoka, brother of long-time Lady Sun Lauré Kwoka to the 2015 Western Regional Tournament in Davis, CA. It was here that she was invited by the Sacramento Lady Suns to attend training sessions and consider playing. Kloh decided to give the training session a try because “exercise is always more fun with a team."

After several training sessions, Rosemary was invited to try out the local metro competition. She says she reluctantly agreed, having never played a tackle sport.  Kloh stated, “In rowing, you don’t even get see your teammates face, nor do you see your opponents!” Rosemary says after her first hit, her pupils widened with love and eagerness to accomplish this magnificent sport. She dove in head first and hasn’t slowed her pace since that first game.

After half a season with the Lady Suns, Rosemary attended her first National Tournament in 2015. She was acknowledged as a stand out player who makes smart decisions and her second efforts tend to end with gaining possession of the footy. Rosemary has shown talent as the ruck and as a defensive player. Her physical stamina allows her to make big leads and clear the ball from the back field. 

“I am grateful for what I have been able to accomplish and the opportunities that have come my way. My family and friends have been nonstop supportive and are always willing to learn (or at least try to) rules of yet another obscure sport I chose to play”- R. Kloh.

In 2016, Rosemary along with several of her fellow Lady Suns’, traveled to Racine, WI to attend a weekend training camp. This camp, along with regional tournaments, would allow the coaching staff to select the next batch of players for the upcoming 2017 International Cup.

At the 2016 USAFL National Tournament in Sarasota Springs, Florida, Rosemary was announced to the 2017 USA Freedom Team. She will be joining several of her Sacramento teammates as well as many other talented ladies across the nation to compete in Australia. The USA Freedom will be competing in the International Cup in Australia August 5-19th, 2017.


Congratulations to Rosemary on being selected to represent the USA at the upcoming International Cup. Good luck, mate!

Copy of P1140823.jpg13724862_1227966487237486_2740724100080148428_o.jpg

 USA Freedom 2017 Western Regional Tournament 2016



If you are interested in making a contribution to help send our Sacramento Suns’ to Australia, a group GoFundMe has been set up; click here to be redirected.


SacAFL 2017 Round 1

June 24, 2017-It was a cool 100 degrees to start off the local SacAFL metro season. Quite a few veterans and a handful of newbies filled out both the men’s and women’s teams.


For the women’s game, it was the Sheriffs/Bandits versus the Gold Diggers/Jail Birds. It was nine versus nine and four ten minute quarters were played. The first quarter was a tough battle, and evenly matched with a score of 1.0.6 for both teams.  The second quarter the Sherrifs/Jailbirds pulled ahead with the lead which continued for the third and fourth quarters. The Bandits/Gold Diggers had several penalty calls which resulted in easy goals for the opposition. In the end, it was the Sherrifs/Jailbirds who took home the win, with a final score of 6.2.38 to the Bandits/Gold Diggers 2.5.17.





The men’s game saw the Marshalls/Outlaws battle against the Miners/Convicts. The teams were ten versus ten and four fifteen minute quarters were played. The first quarter each team scored several goals and started off a close game. The second quarter the score remained close, however the third quarter the Marshalls/Outlaws pulled ahead with a significant lead. Talk about being in the right place at the right time, Rich Boyer scored eight goals! This would solidify the win for the Marshalls/Outlaws with a final score of 12.9.81 to the Miners/Convicts 11.3.69.




Round 1 Best on Ground Awards


Women's: Vicky Schoennagel

Men's: Saleh Tyebjee 




Sheriffs / Jailbirds

Bandits / Gold Diggers

Quarter 1



Quarter 2



Quarter 3



Quarter 4




L. Danielson (2),  J. Smith (2), H. Mondia (2)

  1. Flok (2)

Field & Boundary

S. Tyebjee, E. Manning, M. O’Leary

M. McGreevy

Scorers/Goal Umps

C. Gould/S. Sears

R. Kwoka


Marshalls / Outlaws


Quarter 1



Quarter 2



Quarter 3



Quarter 4




R. Boyer (8), S. Tyebjee,, S. Hensley, , C. Campbell, S. Doyle

B. Brewer (3), T. Kellum(3), B. Helwig (2),

K. Hutchings, E. Manning, A. Crumpacker

Field & Boundary

L, Kwoka, V. Schoennagel, M. Seckora

  1. Jacobs

Scorers/Goal Umps

B. Anderson, A. Avila

L. Danielson, R. Kloh, L. Verkerk




Player Feature: Makenzie Seckora (Carr)-USA Liberty

June 21, 2017-Makenzie Seckora (Carr), a native of Portland, Oregon, grew up playing soccer and participated in the swim team during high school. Makenzie lettered in Varsity swimming as a high school freshmen and was known for her speed in the 50 meter freestyle and backstroke. Makenzie did not continue sports during college as her rigorous course schedule did not provide much opportunity for extracurricular activities.


Makenzie graduated from Oregon Institute of Technology in 2007 with a Bachelors of Science with a focus in Vascular Technology. If you are confused, don’t worry, most people have not heard of this degree or career. When asked what her job entails, she would reply “I perform ultrasounds, however I look at blood vessels, not babies. There is a lot of physics behind how our bodies vascular system operates and my job is to identify causes for abnormal circulation, such as blood clots, plaque et cetera”. The four year program included a year long internship, which is how she ended up moving to Sacramento.


In 2006, she relocated to Sacramento, California to begin her year long internship at UC Davis Medical Center. During her year as an intern, despite being far away from friends and family, she came to the conclusion that Sacramento is a smaller version of Portland, with BETTER weather, and the town grew on her. At the conclusion of her internship, Makenzie was hired on at UC Davis Medical Center and has stayed put in her new found home, Sacramento.


Makenzie did not find footy until 2014 when she was recruited by one of the Sacramento Australian Football Club founders, Helen Mondia. These two both work for the Vascular Department at UC Davis Medical Center and were attending a conference in Squaw Valley. During a friendly game of broomball (running around an ice rink in tennis shoes) Helen noticed Makenzie’s athleticism and told her she needed to check out her local Australian Football team.


Makenzie had been interested in joining a club team in Sacramento, but hadn’t found the right fit. She watched several Youtube videos and with no experience, she signed up for the 2014 SacFooty Spring League. Registered players are invited to attend the official Suns’ training sessions and Makenzie pursued these training sessions to further develop her skills. After only a few weeks, the Sacramento Lady Suns had their first match against the San Francisco Iron Maidens at the 2014 Clamp the Lamp tournament. She was convinced to show up and give it a try. Makenzie said “I was nervous to play as I have never participated in a tackle sport before, however after receiving my first tackle, I was hooked”!


Over the course of 2014, Makenzie became a stand out defensive player and even earned Rookie of the Year. She has been featured several times in articles written by Brian Barrish, the USAFL Media Manager. This success early on fueled her passion for footy!


In 2015, Makenzie along with several of her teammates traveled to Arizona for a USA weekend training camp. These training camps are an opportunity to show the USA coaches your knowledge of the game and showcase your skills. Makenzie was selected to play for the USA Liberty at the 2015 Parallel Cup.


The 2015 Parallel Cup was hosted in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on the only full size footy field in the USA. Despite the loss to Canada, this was a well fought game by the Liberty and Makenzie was mentioned as one of the stand out players. Two players were selected to be brought up to compete the following day for the USA Freedom, and she was third in line. Brian Barrish highlighted her achievements in 2015, "Makenzie Seckora is a hard tackler who had a number of good performances for the Suns and the Liberty last year, and can platoon either at half back or at full back".


In 2016, Makenzie along with several of her fellow Lady Suns’ traveled to Racine, WI to attend a weekend training camp. This camp, along with regional tournaments, would allow the coaching staff to select the next batch of players for the upcoming 2017 International Cup.


At the 2016 USAFL National Tournament in Sarasota Springs, Florida, Makenzie was announced to the 2017 USA Liberty Team. She will be joining several of her Sacramento teammates as well as many other talented ladies across the nation to compete in Australia. The USA Liberty is the sister squad to the USA Freedom. The USA Liberty will be touring and competing against local clubs in Australia during the International Cup this August (5-19th).


In addition to her dedication to the Lady Suns, she completed her Masters Degree in Health Care Administration (2014-2016) and has also been a Board Member for the Sacramento Australian Football Club (a non-profit organization) for the past three years. She began her tenure as a Member at Large in 2015 and continued that position in 2016. During these years she took a lead role in fundraising and obtaining sponsorships and no doubt her efforts have made a positive financial impact on the club. This year, 2017, Makenzie is the Director of Events and has taken a lead role in social media management. Makenzie says she performs best under pressure and although being active on a the SAFC board in addition to her many other commitments can be stressful, she enjoys the challenge!


Congratulations to Makenzie on being selected to represent the USA at the upcoming International Cup. Good luck, mate!



makenzie M Seckora.JPG

USA Liberty 2017 SacAFL Metro 2014 (#42)


If you are interested in making a contribution to help send our Sacramento Suns’ to Australia, a group GoFundMe has been set up; click here to be redirected.

GGAFL Hosts Sacramento & Denver-June 2017

June 14, 2017-This past weekend, June 10, 2017 kicked of the Sacramento Suns season with a tournament in Concord.  The weather was a beautiful, breezy mid 70’s, perfect for some footy!

The tournament included a women’s competition and a men’s competition. Teams participating in the women’s tournament included the San Francisco Iron Maidens, Sacramento Lady Suns, and Denver Bulldogs (W). The men’s competition included the Golden Gate Roos, Sacramento Suns and Denver Bulldogs.


Women’s Competition

The Sacramento Lady Suns and Denver Bulldogs teamed up for the first two games versus the Iron Maidens. The combined Suns/Bulldogs had a total of 22 women , ten Lady Suns, ten Bulldogs one Portland Steelhead (Jessica Blecher) and one Boston Lady Demon (Emily Rhiel). Many thanks for those who travelled from afar to compete in the games this weekend. The Maidens had a full roster plus a few, including many new players!

The large numbers made for excellent competition with the women playing two full games of 18 vs 18 and a third game, Bulldogs vs Lady Suns 10 vs 10.  The first two games were well fought and both teams demonstrated elevated decision making and execution.

Although it was tough competition and scores were relatively low for both sides, the Iron Maidens pulled away with wins in the first two games.  


Sacramento Lady Suns at Concord Tournament 2017


Game Day Results: 

Game One: SF Maidens VS Bulldogs/Lady Suns: 3.3.21 to 3.1.19

Game Two: SF Maidens VS Lady Suns/Bulldogs 3.3.21 to 3.0.18 

The final women’s game of the day was tough and both the teams were exhausted, yet determined, the Bulldogs and the Lady Suns took the field. They battled on the large ground with just ten players on either side. The Bulldogs pulled away with a significant lead after several great connections and quick movement of the ball up the field into scoring position. The Lady Suns, although tired, fought hard and managed to put up a few points on the scoreboard.  In the end, the Bulldogs took home the win.  

The umpires gave an honorable mention to Sacramento Lady Sun and new player Nicolette Clark for her speed, quick decisions and movement which helped dominate the midfield in all three of the women’s games. We cannot wait to see what this season has in store for Nicolette!  

 SF Iron Maidens, Denver Bulldogs & Sacramento Lady Suns 2017

A Free Open Day will be held this coming Saturday June 17, 2017 at Doc Oliver Field in Land Park; new players are welcome and encouraged to come join the fun! The Sacramento Lady Suns begin their metro competition June 24 running through September. The next big competition will be the Western Regional Tournament which will be held in Denver on July 8, 2017.


Men’s Competition

The Suns approached the tournament in Concord in transition.  With many stalwart players having retired or stepped away from the club, it took a strong recruiting effort to field a full squad for the day.  In the end, a team of 22 made the trip, with 6 men wearing the Suns jumper for the first time.

The Suns faced two tough opponents on the day.  In the first game, the Suns took on the hometown GGAFL Roos reserves squad.  With a strong scoring wind in the downhill direction, the run of play was mostly in the Roos favor early in the first half.  The Suns defense led by Kendall “Rabbit” Hutchings and new Sun Eric Smith were able to hold the Roos to just two goals in the first half.  In the second half, the Suns were able to come back strong and kick three goals and few behinds to take the lead heading towards the final horn.  In an unfortunate series of final events, a free kick and a 50m penalty was paid in the Roos favor with only seconds left in the game.  They were able to kick straight to score their third goal at the horn.  In the end, with 3 goals apiece, the Roos took the final victory with two more behinds, final score was 3.6.24 to the Sun’s 3.4.22.  Goalkickers for the Suns were K. Meriano, S. MacEachern, and V. Turner.


GG Roos vs Sacramento Suns

The second game of the day proved to be more one sided.  With a depleted roster due to key injuries, the Suns found a tough Division I opponent in the traveling Denver Bulldogs.  The Bulldog team had previously played a close game with the hometown GGAFL senior side.  Keen for redemption, they took the field with the confidence of a team with multiple USAFL Division I championships under their belt.  Despite excellent ruck work from Ed “Bubbles” Manning, the Suns were unable to translate that dominance into scoring opportunities.  The Bulldogs on the other hand, again with the scoring wind at their back, opened up a wide lead in the first half kicking 6 straight goals.  The Suns fought to reclaim some of the margin but were unable to find any straight kicks, meanwhile the defense put up some up some impressive efforts to rebuff the the Bulldogs attack.  In the end the score was a one side 10.4.64 to the Suns 0.4.4.

Congratulations to Kendall “Rabbit” Hutchings for being recognized as best on ground by the umpires for the first game against the GGAFL Roos.


Sacramento Suns at GG Roos 2017  

A Free Open Day will be held this coming Saturday June 17, 2017 at Doc Oliver Field in Land Park; new players are welcome and encouraged to come join the fun! The Sacramento Suns begin their metro competition June 24 running through September. The next big competition will be the Western Regional Tournament which will be held in Denver on July 8, 2017.


The GGAFL, Denver Bulldogs and Sacramento Suns

Held in Concord, CA-June 10, 2017

SF Iron Maidens, Denver Bulldogs & Sacramento Lady Suns 2017
SF Iron Maidens, Denver Bulldogs & Sacramento Lady Suns 2017

Player Feature: Oanh Nguyen USA-Liberty

June 11, 2017-Oanh Nguyen (pronounced like ‘coin’ without the ‘c’) attended Silver Creek High School in San Jose, CA. During high school, Oanh played volleyball and pole vaulted. She currently still holds the San Jose Women’s High School pole vault record!! Nguyen continued to play intramural volleyball throughout college at UC Davis.

Oanh graduated from UC Davis in 2011 with her Bachelors of Science degree in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior. After graduating, she worked as a clinical research coordinator testing new drugs and devices for patients with Interstitial Lung Disease. Oanh attended Samuel Merritt and obtained her Bachelors in Nursing and graduated in 2015. Oanh is now a Registered Nurse and works at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento California. When she is not working, or playing footy, Oanh is an avid traveler. She enjoys the outdoors, loves hiking, backpacking and camping. She has traveled to many exciting destinations including Vietnam, Belize, Colombia and most recently, Alaska.

So how did Oanh find footy? During college, one of Oanh’s roommates was Australian and had heard about the Sacramento Australian Football Club. Oanh accompanied her roommate to one of the SAFC’s SacFooty Open Days. She joined the SacFooty co-ed tag league in 2012 and has played in multiple tag leagues over several seasons. Oanh continues to be one of the lead goal scorers in the co-ed tag leagues and picked up the skills quickly. In 2014, Nguyen was convinced...or coerced into trying out the tackle league.

As with many, once Oanh experienced her first full tackle game, she was hooked and has been a Sacramento Lady Sun since 2014. Oanh has speed and agility which has allowed her to become a successful forward and midfield player. Oanh was unable to attend prior USA training camps, however has been watched at the Regional Tournaments and the USAFL National Tournament. At the 2016 USAFL National Tournament in Sarasota Springs, Florida, Oanh was announced to the 2017 USA Liberty Team.

In August, Oanh will be going on tour with the USA Liberty and will also be serving as a reserve player for the USA Freedom during the International Cup. The International Cup will be held in Melbourne, Australia August 5-19th, 2017.

Congratulations to Oanh on being selected to represent the USA at the upcoming International Cup. Good luck, mate! 


oanh.PNGCopy of P1140602.jpg

Lady Suns 2016 Nationals USA Liberty 2017

         Photo Cred: sdm_sports_photography



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Player Feature: Laure Kwoka-USA Liberty

June 6, 2017-Lauré Kwoka grew up playing a variety of sports including soccer, ballet and rugby! Quite a spectrum of athleticism and let’s not forget her little known talent, baton twirling!  On an evening out, Lauré was approached by a member of the Sacramento Australian Football Club and was encouraged to try footy. Lauré had heard of footy during her summer spent in Australia back in high school. According to the ESPNW feature on Kwoka written by Doug Williams, Kwoka stated “I’d never been truly passionate about something until I met this sport” (W.D.,, March 23, 2017).  

Lauré has been playing Australian Rules Football for the past 5 years with the Sacramento Lady Suns.  She has been part of the leadership group for the Lady Suns for several years and for the past two years, she has been the primary leader in the midfield.  In her first season, Lauré was presented the Coaches Award for her hard work, dedication and consistent passion for her team and the sport. In addition to her local club team, Lauré has had the opportunity to participate at an international level for both the USA Freedom (2015) and the USA Liberty (2014 & 2017)

After attending training camps and being selected, Lauré played for the USA Liberty at the 2014 International Cup, held in Melbourne, Australia. She was awarded Best on Ground and the Coaches Award for the game against Fiji.  Following IC 2014, Lauré had the opportunity to stay in Australia for six months on a working holiday visa. She was able to travel around Australia, even playing footy with the Caboolture Lions, Wollongong Saints and 9s with the Dapto City Stallions men’s team. She found it to be an honor to play with such amazing teams and immerse herself in the Australian culture as well as gain a deeper love and respect for the sport.

In 2015, Lauré along with several of her teammates traveled to Arizona for a weekend training camp. The training camp is an opportunity to show the USA coaches your knowledge of the game and showcase your skills. An obvious improvement was noted and Lauré was selected to play for the USA Freedom at the 2015 Parallel Cup.

The 2015 Parallel Cup was hosted in Tampa, Florida on the only full size footy field in the USA. Despite the loss, she learned a lot about herself and her abilities. She was able to harness her skills and brought back many learning points to her home team.

In 2016, Kwoka along with several of her fellow Lady Suns’ traveled to Racine, WI to attend a weekend training camp. This camp, along with regional tournaments, would allow the coaching staff to select the next batch of players for the upcoming International Cup.

At the 2016 USAFL National Tournament in Sarasota Springs, Florida, Lauré was announced to the 2017 USA Liberty Team. Lauré was also selected as the West Coast Vice Captain of the USA Liberty Team.

In addition to these roles, Lauré is an active presence on the field at local club training sessions. Kwoka also plays in the co-ed tag league, is a board member of the Sacramento Australian Football Club and is a board member for the USAFL Women’s Association. Where does she find the time?!

Congratulations to Lauré "Lozza" Kwoka on being selected to represent the USA at the upcoming International Cup. Good luck, mate!

To read the full ESPNW article, click here.


          2014 International Cup USA Liberty 2017

  Photo Credit: AFL Photos (                  

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Producing Top Talent

May 24, 2017-One of the Sacramento Australian Football Club's (SAFC) goals for our 2020 vision, is to produce top talent. This is a lofty goal, as the majority of the players recruited from this region have never heard of Australian Football!  The Sacramento Australian Football Club (SAFC) is lucky to have coaches, players and umpires with extensive knowledge of footy. Matt Bishop, one of the founders of the club, has a remarkable resume with more than a decade of coaching experience at many levels from metro leagues, to regional teams, even coaching the USA Revolution for several years. The SAFC requires selected head coaches to hold, or obtain a Level 1 Coaching Accreditation through the AFL.

Along with the extensive knowledge of the game, the overall club culture in Sacramento, is one that many clubs strive to imitate. The SAFC hosts multiple co-ed tag leagues known as SacFooty, the local metro league known as SacAFL and our National Competitive Teams, the Sun's and Lady Sun's. In addition, social events both casual and informal, are a significant part of the club as they help drive our club culture. Many of our club members return yearly based on the relationships they have built and team camaraderie. According to current SAFC President Vicky Schoennagel, "Our club has become a huge part of my life in building friendships, growing my confidence, and providing me a place to be part of a team". 

This camaraderie and community has laid the foundation for our successful local Sacramento Australian Football Club. Our goal is to continue the upward movement and produce top talent which can be considered for selection by the USAFL National Teams and higher level competitions, such as the AFL.

The USAFL National Teams have both Men’s and Women’s competitive teams. The USA Revolution is comprised of the elite male athletes within the USAFL. The USA Freedom is comprised of the elite women’s athletes within the USAFL and their sister squad, The USA Liberty is the development squad also comprised of top USAFL female athletes.

August 2015 was the most recent year that these National Teams held a competitive match. The match was held in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on the only regulation size footy field in the USA. Since then, both teams have held multiple training camps and invited players from all across the nation to demonstrate their skills and knowledge of the game. All three teams have selected players to represent the USA in the upcoming International Cup.

The International Cup is held every three years and welcomes players from North America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific. In 2014, there were 25 competitive teams (18 men's and 7 women's teams) representing 18 Nations. Papau New Guinea took home the men's championship, while Canada took home the women's championship.

This year the 2017 International Cup will be held in Melbourne Australia from August 5-19th. The Sacramento Australian Football Club is proud to announce, many of our local players have been selected to represent Team USA!  Over the next several months, a player feature will be released where you learn more about each of these athletes! Congratulations to Katie Klatt, Liz Danielson, Rosemary Kloh, Makenzie Carr, Laure Kwoka, Oanh Nguyen and Saleh Tyebjee for being selected to represent team USA.

                       USA Revolution Training Camp 2017
USA Freedom & Liberty 2017.jpg

USA Freedom & Liberty 2017 Teams 

The Suns' Are Out!

May 19th, 2017-Preseason has been more than just training! The SAFC has again parterned with Inspired Wellness to bring free fitness sessions to the community! These Fitness Sessions were held over a nine week period at McKinley Park in East Sacramento. The 2 hour session included a 30 minute full body bootcamp style workout with sprints, followed by footy skills and scrimmages. Special thanks to our partners and friends at Inspired Wellness. Be sure to check them out and join them this weekend for a free weekend workout.

The SacFooty Spring League is just around the corner with the first round scheduled Thursday May 25th. The SAFC has hosted three free Open Days to introduce new players to the sport. One of our more exciting Open Days on record occured yesterday with a 10 vs 10 game of all NEW players! Don't forget, there is still time to register for the SacFooty Current Season, no experience necessary! Come learn a new sport and make new friends.


Growing the game and getting the younger generation involved is one of the SAFC's long term goals. The SAFC has held footy clinics at several of the local area highschools. On March 10th, the Suns' were at Granite Bay High School, on May 5th at Laguna Creek High School and two clinics were hosted at Oakmont High School on May 9th and May18th.Oakmont High School is the first in the area to bring a full unit of Footy into the curriculum. The Sun's have helped lead the skills and scrimages and the course is complimented with a written exam!  


If your school or youth group is interested in participating in Youth Footy, please email [email protected] for more information. 

Save The Date for the Sacramento Australian Football Club's first ever Youth Footy Camp. This will take place on Saturday Mornings beginning July 2017. More details to come!

Official Suns' pracitces began May 16th at 6pm hosted at McClatchy Park. For more information about upcoming events, be sure to check us out on Facebook

The SAFC is hosting an Umpire Clinic scheduled for May 21st at 11 am at Doc Oliver Field in Land Park. This sesssion will instruct players and participants on the rules of the game followed by a Free BBQ thanks to our sponsor, Johnathan Spangler of Peterson & Grantham Insurance Brokers. For more information, click here.

Suns' at 2017 Chili Fest

April 8, 2017- The Sacramento Australian Football Club competed in the 2017 Sacramento Beer and Chili Fest. Two of our club members, Isaac Seckora and Makenzie Seckora (Carr) represented the club and prepared the chili they hoped would win! Loaded with grilled pork jowl bacon, beans, jalapenos, onions, green peppers and Isaac's secret spices, this batch of chili tasted like a top contender! It was a tough competition, however the Peoples' Choice award was just out of the clubs' reach. Better luck in 2018!

Fitness Through Footy

Tuesday, March 14, 2017-Kicked off the Suns' 2017 Season. Time to dust of those cleats and hit the field for some pre-season training sessions. Every Tuesday at 6 pm, join the Sun's for a Free Fitness Through Footy Session Powered by Inspired Wellness. These sessions include a full body boot-camp style workout designed by the experts at Inspired Wellness, followed by footy skills and drills.


Find us Tuesday evenings 6 pm at McKinely Park in East Sacramento.


Players of all skill levels are welcome to join these sessions. 

Save The Date: SacFooty Spring League begins May 4th. Click Here for more information. 

2017 S.A.F.C Schedule Released

Saturday, March 18, 2017 - The 2017 schedule for the Sacramento Australian Football Club has been released, including dates for the SacFooty leagues and SacAFL season.  Event details will be posted on our Facebook page.  

Local footy events scheduled for 2017 include:

  • Fitness Through Footy – Tuesdays 6-7:30pm March 14 to May 2

  • SacFooty Spring League Open Days – Thursdays May 4, 11 & 18

  • SacFooty Spring League -  Thursdays 6-8pm May 25 to July 6

  • SacAFL Open Day – Saturday June 17

  • SacAFL – Saturdays 10am June 24 to September 23 (Some exceptions)

  • SacFooty Summer League Open Days – Thursdays July 27, August 3 & 10

  • SacFooty Summer League – Thursdays 6-8pm August 17 to September 28

Sacramento Suns, the representative women's and men's teams, events scheduled:

  • Trainings – Tuesdays 6-8pm starting May 9

  • Stumptown Throwdown – May 20 Portland, OR

  • Roos/Maidens/Bulldogs/Lady Bulldogs – June 10 Concord, CA

  • USAFL Western Region Tournament - July 8 Denver, CO

  • USAFL National Tournament - October 21-22 San Diego, CA

Other events are being organized and information will be released once the events have been confirmed.  Any questions can sent to the club via our contact page.

Head Coach Announcement for 2017

March 10, 2017 - The Sacramento Australian Football Club (SAFC) is happy to announce the appointment of Matt Bishop as the Suns head coach and Andy Jacobs as the Lady Suns head coach for the 2017 USAFL representative season. 

Matt has an impressive resume with thirteen years of coaching experience that includes coaching the US Revolution squad. The Sacramento Suns have made three national championship finals under Bishop, winning Division 3 in 2014 and made the Division 2 final in their first attempt in 2015.  

Andy began playing Australian football in 2011 and played for the Suns in four Nationals tournaments, including winning Division 3 in 2014.  He has been part of the Suns leadership group and captain for various Sacramento leagues.  Coach Andy is currently going through the process of selecting assistant coaches and has several talented applicants to consider.


Congratulations to both Matt and Andy on their head coach appointments.

Calling All Coaches

Tuesday, February 21, 2017 - The Sacramento Lady Suns are looking for those interested in all coaching positions for the 2017 USAFL representative season.

The Lady Suns are the regional representative Australian Football team who compete in the United States Australian Football League. They are scheduled to compete in the Western Region Tournament (July 8th - Westminster, Colorado) and the National Tournament (October 21 & 22 - San Diego, California), as well as other USAFL sanctioned matches yet to be confirmed.  

All coaching positions have been vacated to provide any potential coaches with the opportunity to apply.  To begin the application process please email President Vicky Schoennagel ([email protected]com) signaling your intention to apply, your interest in head and/or assistant coach and to request the position description and application terms.


Applications are required by close of business on Sunday, March 5th.

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