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Footy in South America

May 18, 2019- Our own Sacramento Lady Sun and SAFC President, Makenzie Carr (Seckora) recently traveled to Bogota, Colombia to participate in the first International Women's Australian Football match with South America!

The Bogota Bulldogs are a newly developed women's team and has already gained significant traction with 22 female players. The Bogota women's team was developed this year alongside the Bogota men's team, which was founded two years ago.

Six women from the United States and one woman from Germany, made the trip to participate in this momentous opportunity; Makenzie Carr (Seckora) of the Sacramento Suns, Rae Hale & Kate Mullin of the Minnesota Freeze, Olivia Vongharath of the Minnesota Blue Ox, Zoe Tran of the Denver Bulldogs, Klara Hartl of the Hamburg Dockers and Laurie Rupe, USAFL Umpire. 

The Australian Ambassador welcomed the visitors from the US and hosted a press conference in her residence. Both Makenzie & Laurie were asked to participate in this Q&A session with the Ambassador and other government officials. Hot topics included social and business discrimination based on gender, women's growth in sports, and successful techniques for recruitment. 

What an amazing opportunity and great recognition for our club. Good on ya Makenzie for participating!

Congratulations to our 2019 Coaching Staff

April 2019-

The Sacramento Australian Football Club is excited to announce our 2019 coaching staff.

Coaching Staff:

Congratulations to the 2019 Sacramento Suns Coach, Matt O'Leary. Matt has been with the Sacramento Suns since 2010. He has donned the Suns jumper for 56 games and has played in a Suns jumper at every USAFL Nations the Suns have attended. He has never wavered from the back six, except for one time in 2015 when he scored his one career goal!

    Matt was a member of the Board of Directors in 2012 as the Director of Operations and a member of the Youth Footy Committee since 2017. He has also been umpiring at the National Level since 2015.

    In his 10th year of playing footy, Matt has taken another step with the Sacramento Suns as men's coach for the 2019 season!

      Congratulations to the 2019 Sacramento Lady Suns Coach, Liz Danielson. Liz has been with the Sacramento Lady Suns for five seasons. She was quickly recognized as having one of the biggest kicks on our team and dominates the midfield and forward lines. Liz received the Golden Boot Award in 2017 & 2018 for most goals scored in the season; not only does she have distance, she has accuracy! Liz was selected to the USA Freedom and competed at the 2017 International Cup in Australia.

        Liz is also a dedicated member of the Sacramento Amazons Rugby team and has been their club's president for the past several seasons.In addition, Liz is a full time Collegiate Rowing Coach for the Sacramento State Aquatics program and has held this position for the past seven years.

          Liz has been a member of the SAFC Board of Directors for the past three years. In addition to her board appointment, she has taken on the responsibility of designing new club merchandise and has designed the USAFL Regional Logos for 2018 & 19!

            Her leadership is apparent on and off the field, she has a great sense of humor and is able to relate to all players. Liz has been selected as the 2019 Lady Suns Coach.

              "I am excited to bring passion and structure to the Sacramento Lady Suns this year. We obviously have a lot of good talent on our team from our high standings at last years National Tournament. Our goal this season is to continue to develop our existing payers while encouraging our newer players to strive for excellence."

              Congratulations to Liz!

                Team Managers:

                Congratulations to the 2019 Suns & Lady Suns Team Managers, Helen Mondia Harvey & Luke Wilson!!

                  Luke Wilson: As a Canberra native, Luke didn't grow up playing Aussie Rules, but is quickly finding his feet over here in Sacramento. This is Luke's second year with the club, and will be his first season playing for the Sacramento Suns in the USAFL. "As team manager, I'm hoping to help out logistically wherever I can, as well as keeping an eye out for opportunities to modernize club workflows so we can do less paperwork and spend more time kicking a footy round". Congratulations Luke.

                    Helen Mondia-Harvey: Has been around footy since the early 2000s, playing with the first U.S. women's club, the Orange County Bombshells. She started her footy career late in life and at 45, was likely the oldest candidate selected to the USA Liberty to participate in the 2014 International Cup. She co-founded the Sacramento Australian Football Club ten years ago and has helped moved the club forward as part of the Board of Directors in years past. Last year, she was Assistant Coach to the Lady Suns, and helped them achieve their first ever National Championship. Today, as a member of several club subcommittees, she continues to take Sacramento's Aussie Rules to the next level. Congratulations Helen.

                      Calling All Coaches

                      March 6, 2019 - The Sacramento Australian Football Club is accepting applications for the Suns and Lady Suns' 2019 coaching staff! Each team is seeking a Head Coach, Assistant Coach and Team Manager for the 2019 United States Australian Football League (USAFL) representative season.

                      For any questions, opportunities to come out and meet the team, or to express interest, please email [email protected] signaling your interest.

                      The men and women are scheduled to compete in the following USAFL sanctioned matches:

                      June 15 - Suns at Cascadia Tournament in Seattle, WA (men only)

                      June 29 - Suns/Lady Suns vs GGAFL/Iron Maidens in Napa, CA

                      July 27 - Western Regional Tournament Salem, OR

                      Aug 3 - Lady Suns at East/West Showdown San Francisco, CA (women only)

                      Aug 10 - Suns/Lady Suns vs LA in Los Angeles, CA

                      Aug 24 - Suns vs GGAFL in Concord, CA (men only)

                      Oct 12 & 13- USAFL National Tournament in Sarasota, FL

                      Both teams practice weekly at local Sacramento area parks from May to early October on Tuesday evenings.

                      This is a volunteer position, and the coach will be responsible to pay the same travel expenses as the players. Both teams practice weekly at local Sacramento area parks from May to early October on Tuesday evenings.

                      Applications will be accepted through Friday April 5th. Coaching staff selection announcements will be made mid April, with our first official training scheduled for May 7th.

                      For a brief overview and highlights from the 2018 season, scroll down for more news stories.

                      Club Highlights:

                      Lady Suns Division II National Champions 2018

                      Suns Division III National Champions 2014

                      2019 Calendar Release

                      Below is the full season calendar for our various leagues; SacFooty, SacAFL and Suns/Lady Suns.

                      Fitness Sessions will be held Saturdays in March and Tuesday/Saturday in April. See our Facebook events page for more details

                      Check the SacFooty page for Spring League Registration. Registration is now open!

                      SacFooty Spring League

                      Held Thursday evenings 6-8 pm at Reichmuth Park Baseball Outfield

                      March 28 - Open Day 1 (Free)

                      April 4 - Open Day 2 (Free)

                      April 11- Open Day 3 (Free)

                      Registration Closes April 12

                      April 18 - Round 1

                      April 25 - Round 2

                      May 2 - Round 3

                      May 9 - Round 4

                      May 16 - Round 5

                      May 23 - Round 6

                      May 30 - Finals

                      SacFooty Summer League

                      Held Thursday evenings 6-8 pm at Doc Oliver Field in Land Park

                      July 11 - Open Day 1 (Free)

                      July 18 - Open Day 2 (Free)

                      July 25- Open Day 3 (Free)

                      Registration Closes July 26

                      Aug 1 - Round 1

                      Aug 8 - Round 2

                      Aug 15 - Round 3

                      Aug 22 - Round 4

                      Aug 29 - Round 5

                      Sept 5 - Round 6

                      Sept 12 - Finals

                      SacAFL - Metro League

                      Held at various locations, Bryte Park in West Sacramento (May 4- June 8) &

                      Doc Oliver Field in Land Park (June 22- Sept. 21) 

                      May 4 - Open Day 1 (Free)

                      May 11 - Open Day 2 (Free)

                      May 18 - Open Day 3 (Free)

                      June 1 - Round 1

                      June 8 - Round 2

                      June 22 - Round 3

                      July 13 - Round 4

                      July 20 - Round 5

                      Aug 17 - Round 6 (men only)

                      Sept. 7 - Round 7 Men / Round 6 Women

                      Sept. 14 - Round 8 Men / Round 7 Women

                      Sept. 21 - Finals

                      Suns/ Lady Suns USAFL 2019 Season

                      Training sessions held Tuesday evenings May 7- Oct 5th at Reichmuth Park (May 7-June 11) &

                      Doc Oliver Field (June 18- October 5)

                      June 15 - Suns at Cascadia Tournament in Seattle, WA (men only)

                      June 29 - Suns/Lady Suns vs GGAFL/Iron Maidens in Napa, CA

                      July 27 - Western Regional Tournament Salem, OR

                      Aug 3 - Lady Suns at East/West Showdown San Francisco, CA (women only)

                      Aug 10 - Suns/Lady Suns vs LA in Los Angeles, CA

                      Aug 24 - Suns vs GGAFL in Concord, CA (men only)

                      Oct 12 & 13- USAFL National Tournament in Sarasota, FL

                      USA Revolution Mini Camp

                      February 23 & 24, 2019- Sacramento hosted a USA Revolution Mini Camp. Tom Ellis, head coach for the USA Revolution traveled to Sacramento for the weekend and led a two day training camp.

                      Saturday's training session was held at Rhinos Rugby Academy, a state of the art indoor rugby training facility located here in Sacramento. After a brief orientation, first up on the agenda was the warm up and 1000 touches, see video here.

                      Following the warm up, Tom gave a brief overview of the kick builders program and instruction. Players then practiced perfecting their kick technique, see video here.

                      A lunch break allowed players to pack their own, or purchase from our friends at Saucy Lito's Food Truck.

                      Following lunch, the afternoon session included several fast paced drills.

                      Sunday morning a game was held at Doc Oliver field in Land Park. The game was approximately 11 vs 11 and was well played with veterans and several new players. Thank you to those who supported, umpires, field/boundary support and our spectators!

                      We were lucky to have news coverage of this event. You can see the clip from Good Day CW 31 here and the clip for Fox 40 news.

                      Thank you to all who joined us from near and far. We hope to make this an annual event.

                      2019 Season Kicks Off

                      Join us, all our welcome. For more information see event details here.

                      The 2019 Board of Directors was voted in at the Annual General Meeting, December 5, 2018. Congratulations to our new members and our returning board members.

                      The first event to kick of the season, seems perfectly fitting, Australia Day! This year Australia Day falls on January 26, 2019 and what better way to celebrate than with Cricket and Frothy's! We'll host Cricket at 10 am at McKinley Park in Sacramento, followed by an afternoon at Sactown Union Pub.

                      Your 2019 Board of Directors is busy putting together the 2019 Calendar of Events. Stay tuned!

                      2019 Board of Directors:

                      President: Makenzie Seckora

                      Vice President: Andrea Squilla

                      Treasurer: Liz Danielson

                      Director of Events: Isaac Seckora

                      Director of Operations: Tim Peterson

                      Secretary: Erin Graham

                      Members at Large: Cameron Fairchild & Aaaron Gray

                      Lady Suns 2018 Div II National Champions

                      October 17, 2018-The annual USAFL National Tournament took place over the weekend of October 13 & 14th and what a year it was for our team. This was the first time in many years that our Lady Suns were unable to bring a full team to Nationals. For this reason, the Lady Suns were placed on a combined team with the Wisconsin Wombats and the Montreal Angels in Women's Division II. The combo team coined the name "SWangels" for the weekend and had to quickly learn each other's names in addition to on-field strengths!

                      With minimal exposure to the DII pool the Lady Suns could only gauge their opponents by individuals they had been paired with for previous tournaments. In the Nor Cal Cup the lady suns were paired up with some strong midfielders from the LA Dragons (Nationals Game 1). On the international circuit competing alongside many players on the Freedom and Liberty teams the Lady Suns could anticipate a tough game against the Columbus Cats.

                      Fortunately it was no match for the structure of their combined team. Sacramento is known for their strong defensive side. When you add in the scrappy, talented midfield and a ruck standing at 6'3" from the Montreal Angels, the mixed team was unstoppable. With the sprinkling of two talented Wombats they were able to stop any offensive charge and shift the ball quickly into our forward 50 giving our offensive players plenty of opportunities to center the ball through the uprights for 6.

                      Congratulations to the "SWangels" for sweeping Div II and being named the 2018 Women's Division II Champions! The first Nationals trophy for our Sacramento Lady Suns

                      Lady Suns Results:

                      Suns 6.10.46 to Houston Lonestars 0.0.0

                      Suns 4.1.27 to Calgary Kookaburras 0.2.2

                      Suns 8.9.57 to DC Eagles 0.0.0

                      Suns 4. 7. 31 to Columbus Cats 3.2.20 

                      The Sun's were able to muster a full team, with a predominantly American side per usual, however they had fewer numbers on the bench compared to prior years. This had been a rebuilding year for the Sun's, who relied heavily upon new recruits throughout the season, including six Suns' Nationals Debutantes (Toby Simmons, Todd "Toddler" Goodwin, Cameron Fairchild, Aaron "Dash" Gray, Facundo Lay and Michael Kelly). The Suns' moved down a division compared to previous years to compete in Division III for the 2018 National Tournament. The last time the Suns' were in Division III (2014), they were crowned the Champions and brought home the trophy. The me had high hopes to repeat this accomplishment.

                      During game one against the North Carolina Tigers, the Suns' had a bit of a sluggish start on a soggy field. Without scoring or yielding anything significant, the score was tied at 0.1.1 at half time. The Suns' were able to shake off the nerves in the second half with an early sequence of play that resulted in a mark by Robert "the Rooster" Kwoka in front of the goal. He proceeded to slot the Suns' first goal of the 2018 Nationals campaign. Teammates rallied around him from all around the ground as he celebrated with his new signature "Kwoka-doodle-doo" rooster celebration dance...which immediately caught on among his teammates. Ramish Bahramand was able to soccer in a goal later in the half to cement the Suns' lead and ultimately ensure a narrow victory with a final score of 2.3.15 to 1.2.8.

                      The second game against the Boston Demons proved to be a very physical, hard-fought game on live broadcast (with announcers calling the game). The first half consisted of some inspired defense by the Suns' to stifle Boston's forward attacks, although Boston had the favorable wind. After repelling several Demons' attempts to mark in the forward fifty, the Suns' rebounded and were able to move the ball to the other side of the field where Aaron "Dash" Gray dre first blood for the Suns' as he crumbed a bouncing footy near the goals and kicked it through without a hitch. This effort was followed by a scrappy snap-kick goal over his left shoulder by the now notorious "Rooster" (Robert Kwoka) shortly before the end of the first half to give the Suns' a 12-8 lead. Unfortunately, the momentum shifted unfavorable for the Suns in the second half as Boston made several personnel changes that left the Suns' in unfavorable match-ups leading to a several early goals in the second half. Although the Suns' would sink two more goals in the second half by "Dash" Gray and Ramish Mahramand, the clock became the enemy as it expired before the Suns' could use this new momentum to regain the lead. The Suns' fell 4.1.25 to the Demons 5.3.33 and this would cause the Suns' to narrowly miss qualifying as the wildcard team in the Division III semi-finals.

                      The Suns' were still determined to give their all on Sunday morning in a consolation match against the other team sitting 1-1, the Des Moine Roosters. The Suns' have faced the Roosters once before at Nationals...and like the first match up, the tow teams proved it to be a physically demanding, rough-and-tumble, gritty game. The Suns jumped out to an early lead with Ramish Bahramand soccering a goal from the ground, followed by a sequence of successful disposal and down field connections. This sequence of events led to a perfectly timed mark, just before the siren, by the increasingly popular Robert "The Rooster" Kwoka. All of the opposing players stayed on the field hollering and yelling, waving the arms and legs, frantically trying to distract Kwoka from his concentration. Little did that know, that this Rooster thrives on such attention. Kwoka slotted his third goal at Nationals and was greeted wit boisterous cheers from this teammates to end the 1st half. As it turns out, the Suns were not able to score again in the second half. Because of gutsy defensive efforts from the likes of Julian "Lock-down" David, and Justin "J-Lee" Lee, Saleh Tybejee, and Tod "Toddler" Goodwin, the Suns barely staved off the onslaught of the Des Moine Roosters during their final five minute blitz. The Suns narrowly escaped with a victory 2.4.16 to 2.3.15 to earn 5th place Division III. Congratulations to all the lads who fought hard over the weekend. 

                      Suns Results

                      Suns 2.3.15 to North Carolina Tigers 1.2.8

                      Suns 4.1.25 to Boston Demons 5.3.33

                      Suns 2.4.16 to Des Moines Roosters 2.3.15

                      2018 Stumptown Throwdown

                      August 25, 2018- The Suns and Lady Suns traveled North to the great state of Oregon, specifically the now 'hipster' town begrudgingly referred to as Portlandia aka Portland, to participate in the annual Stumptown Throwdown.

                      The Lady Suns were unable to muster enough support to bring a full team, therefore they were split among other visiting teams to fill out numbers. Makenzie Carr, Liz Danielson, Erika Titus-Lay and Caroline Sequeria were loaned to the Minnesota Freeze, while Erin Sheaffer and Anysia Avila were loaned to the Seattle Grizzlies. The Minnesota Freeze won their first game against Portland Sockeyes by a decent margin and had a short recovery period before taking the field for game 2. In the second game, the Freeze took on the Seattle Grizzlies and lost by just a few behinds. The Lady Suns had a great showing in this competition and kicked 50 % of the goals! 

                      The Suns brought a nearly full squad, however were loaned several players from the Portland Steelheads. The games were tough and the competition was close. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, the Suns ended the day 0-3.

                      Congratulations to Kendall "Rabbit" Hutchings for receiving Best on Ground.

                      Special shout out to Isaac Seckora, our only non-player dedicated umpire who traveled with our team. Isaac Umpired three games of the day and is on his way to his USAFL Level 1 Umpire Certification.

                      Photo Credit: Raymond Kwan Photography

                      2018 SacAFL Finale and Family Day

                      August 18, 2018- The culmination of the 7 week SacAFL Metro League kicked off with the women's draft at 10 am. The Bandits, captained by Liz Danielson had the first draft pick followed by the Jail Birds, captained by Rosemary Kloh. Once the draft was complete, the ladies hit the field for a tough competition. In the end, it was the Jail Birds who came out on top with a final score of 12.2.74 to 1.3.9.

                      The men's draft took place following the women's finale. It was the Outlaws, captained by Colby Campbell with the first draft pick followed by the Convicts, captained by Julian David with the second pick. Once teams were finalized, the Outlaws donned the Suns jumpers for this finale. It was a heated game (both the temperature and the temperaments), and the gents played 4 x 20 minutes. In the end, it was the Outlaws who prevailed with 9.12.66 to the Convicts 5.14.44. 

                      Following both the Metro Final Games, was the last Free Youth Footy Clinic of the 2018 summer. The kids participated in multiple drills followed by a scrimmage.

                      To top if off, there was a barbeque for all attendees, friends, youth participants and visitors.

                      2018 Western Regional Competition

                      July 28, 2018-The Western Regional Competition returned to Sacramento for the first time since 2015. This year the event was held at Davis Legacy Soccer Club in the outer city limits of Davis, CA. The grounds were fantastic and two large fields were erected for this event. 

                      Men's and Women's teams from 14 cities along the West Coast prepared to battle it out for the championship title. It was a balmy 100 degrees with poor air quality due to the Carr fire outbreak. There was plenty of water, snacks and alternative hydration methods to keep our players safe in the heat!

                      The Suns and Lady Suns won one game and lost two games respectively. Both the Suns and Lady Suns had a hand full of rookies and new players, so this tournament set the stage for future training plans leading into Nationals.

                      Congratulations to Suns Saleh Tyebjee for winning Division 2 Best & Fairest and for having the "best hands in the USAFL"-Brian Barrish.

                      Congratulations to the Golden Gate Australian Football League, the premiers of Division 1.

                      Congratulations to the Portland Australian Football Club for winning the trophy in both the Men's Division 2 and the Women's Division!

                      Congratulations to Dani Marshall (our loaned player from the AZ Hawks) who was voted overall Best On Ground by her Lady Suns teammates.

                      July 14, 2018- Your Mighty SacTown Suns took on NorCal rivals the San Francisco Golden Gate Roos in a friendly match in Concord, CA as a warm-up for the Western Regional Championship. The Roos are reigning Division 1 Champions from the 2017 USAFL National Tournament so this was a true test of the Suns mettle and grit.

                      The first quarter opened up great competition from both sides but the Suns persevered with a few quick goals. Sean "Macca" MacEachern and Colby Campbell found pay dirt with a few other teammates adding a pair of behinds. San Francisco bounced back with a handful of goals through to quarter time leading to a score line of 2.2.14 Sacramento, and 5.2.32 to San Francisco.

                      Second quarter saw the most goals of any quarter with a total of 12 being scored by both teams. The Sacramento Suns came out hot again with a burst of physicality and fitness from a group of rookie midfielders. Casey Webb and Casey Campbell worked diligently to clean up loose ball and deliver it to their forward line. It was a group effort this quarter as Colby Campbell added 2 goals, while Scott Hensley, and Traxel Towe each added one goal to the Suns total resulting a halftime score line of 6.2.38. San Francisco kicked superbly however not missing a goal kicking 8 goals that quarter going 13.2.80 into the half.

                      Not deterred by the score, the Suns returned to the field and showcased the closest quarter of the afternoon kicking only one less goal than San Francisco. The Roos left their backdoor open and Robert Kwoka took advantage of that backdoor slotting 2 goals for the Suns (one goal coming off of a cheeky left boot I might add). Defense returned for Suns holding San Francisco to only 3 goals that quarter. The score at three quarter time was 8.5.53 Suns to 16.6.102 San Francisco.

                      With one more quarter to go the Roos showed their top tier skills while maintaining form to kick 7 goals bringing their total for the game to 23.10.148. Not one to go down without a fight, the youngest member of the squad, Casey Campbell took matters into his own hands, worked his way into the corridor to take a great mark. His boot stayed true and he slotted the only goal of the quarter for the Suns closing out the day with a score 9.7.61.

                      The Sacramento Suns came out of the gate firing on all cylinders and kept fighting one of the best squads in the nation. The day was highlighted by the 8 men who came out for their first Sacramento Suns game on Saturday and every single one of them laid it all out on the line for their brothers in the Suns jumpers. Congratulations Aaron Gray, Casey Campbell, Mike Kelly, Brodie Swaeney,Casey Webb, Toby Simmons, Max Lush and Stanley Rucker on your hard work. Every one of you was pivotal in our well fought battle. Welcome to the family.

                      A special thanks to Isaac Seckora for traveling with the team and umpiring the game. A few more calls our way next time, perhaps?

                      Thank you to our fearless Captain Rabbit aka Kendall Hutchings who does not often lead with his voice but leads through his actions, like almost taking a specky off of one of the best forwards in nation (which was captured on photo, see it here)! Well done.

                      The Sacramento Suns now look to the Western Regional Competition with confidence as they look to continue to build on the weekends success. The Western Regional Competition is in Davis, CA at the Davis Legacy Soccer Complex off of Interstate 80 on July 28th. See you there!

                      -Robert Kwoka

                      SacAFL Rounds 3 & 4

                      July 7, 2018-Round 4 was another HOT summer day in the Sacramento valley. With wildfires around, the air was thick and the competition was, shall we say, "on fire"! The women's competition started off with a rapid fire of goals from the Sherrifs/Bandits who ended the first half with 6.4.40 to the Gold Diggers/Jail Birds 1.2.8. In the second half, the ladies were hot and the goals slowed, however this was not enough for the Gold Diggers/Jail Birds to make a come back. It was the Sheriffs/Bandits with the win, 9.7.61 to the Gold Diggers/Jail Birds 2.3.15. Women's MVP was awarded to, Bevin English; that is two weeks in a row folks!

                      The men's competition was exciting with three newbies taking the field! The first quarter, the Marshalls/Convicts defense was overrun by sneaky forward, Traxel Towe, who was always in the right place at the right time bagging three goals for his team and allowing the Miners/Convcits to start with a decent lead; 3.3.21 to the Marshalls/Outlaws 1.1.7. In the third quarter, the Campbell brothers made an effort to get ahead with younger brother Casey scoring two goals and Colby with one. Unfortunately this sibling dominant third quarter wasn't enough for their team and the Miners/Convicts remained in the lead with a score of 10.9.69 to the Marshalls/Outlaws 6.2.38. In the fourth quarter, the Miners/Convicts held up the onslaught of goals and finished on top with a final score of 13.11.89 to the Marshals/Outlaws 7.2.44. The men's MVP was awarded to, Julian David for the second week in a row!

                      June 30, 2018- Round 3 followed our second youth footy clinic.The women's competition saw an early lead by the Bandits/Gold Diggers. Despite the offensive attempt from the Sherrifs/Jailbirds, they were unable to make a significant comeback. The Bandits/Gold Diggers 9.3.57 to the Sherrifs/Jailbirds 3.2.20. The women's MVP was award to Bevin English of the Bandits who also managed to bag 5 goals!

                      The men's competition started with an early lead by the Marshalls/Convicts who led the first quarter 4.6.30 to the Miners/Outlaws 0.3.3. The second quarter, the Miners/Convicts morning caffeine must have kicked in, as they decided to finally join the competition coming up to 4.4.28, however the Marshalls/Convicts remained in the lead with 7.11.53. The third quarter we saw a change in tides and the sudden comeback must have thrown the Marshalls/Convicts off their game plan. At the end of the third quarter, it was the Miners/Outlaws who pulled ahead 9.5.59 to the Marshalls/Convicts 7.12.54. In the final quarter, both men's teams only scored one goal respectively (maybe accurate goal kicking should be added into their training regimen) and the scores remained close! In the end it was the Miners/Outlaws who took the win with 10.9.69 over the Marshals/Convicts 8.12.60.

                      SacAFL 2018 Rounds 1 & 2

                      June 13, 2018-Round 1 kicked off June 2 at Bryte Park in West Sacramento. It was a boiling day, and the first significant heat of the Sacramento summer. The women's numbers were a bit low and several men pulled on ladies jumpers and helped make this game competitive; thanks mates!

                      Round 2 was held June 9th at Bryte Park following our first Youth Footy clinic of the season. The men's league continues to grow with four additional recruits signing up after dropping in for their first game. All the men's teams currently have nine players on their rosters with a great mixture of talent from speed in the middle, height in the forwards and handful of tough defenders. This season is shaping up to be a great competition for these boys!

                      After two rounds of our local metro league, there has been a clear leader for both the women's and men's leagues. It is the Jailbirds, captained by Rosemary Kloh who've pulled ahead with a significant lead over the ladies. On the men's side, it is the Outlaws, captained by Colby Campbell who have a slight lead over the competition; however the Marshalls, captained by Ramish Brahramand are right on their heels!

                      Our next game will be held June 30 at Doc Oliver Field in Land Park following our second Youth Footy clinic.

                      Round 1 MVP's- Erika Titus Lay & Kelly Meriano

                      Round 2 MVP's- Vicky Schoennagel & Kendall Hutchings

                      Full game schedules and competition ladder, can be found HERE

                      Kickin' with Klatt & SAFC Umpire Clinic

                      June 7, 2018- Join us for Katie's brief visit from the Land Down Under.

                      Katie Klatt is a former Lady Sun who has been living in Australia for two years training with the Melbourne Uni Mugars, a VFL team, with hopes of progressing into the AFLW.

                      Katie is planning to host a training session on Sunday June 10th 10:30 am at Curtis Park in Sacramento. This session will include drills, skills and kickin' with Klatt is always a FUN time!

                      Event details can be found by clicking here

                      Following Kickin' with Klatt, the SAFC is hosting an Umpire Clinic

                      A classroom session from 12:00-1:30 at Inspired Wellness followed by on field instruction at nearby Curtis Park (3349 W Curtis Park Dr.)

                      Classroom session will discuss game play, rules and umpire basics.

                      On field instruction by a USAFL certified umpire that will include detailed hand signals, umpire positioning, & how / when to make those tough calls.

                      Event details can be found by clicking here.

                      Upcoming Youth Clinic

                      June 5, 2018- In our efforts, to expand our services, the Sacramento Australian Football Club offers youth clinics during the summer and at participating area middle schools and high schools.

                      This Saturday, 8:30 am at Bryte Park in West Sacramento, the SAFC will offer the 1st of 5 FREE youth clinics this summer. Your kids will learn the skills and basics of the game followed by fun drills and a scrimmage. Ages 5-17 are welcome and stick around to watch our local women's and men's tackle leagues who will have a game after the youth clinic.

                      To find out more about this event and to pre-register, you can check out our event on Facebook or our Youth Footy Page.

                      These clinics are supported by anonymous donations, Adamos Kitchen and AFL Auskick

                      The SacAFL (Metro) season is Underway

                      June 3, 2018-Round 1 of the SacAFL metro league is underway. This the the SAFC's local men's and women's tackle leagues. Players are split into four pods and on game day, two pods combine to form the competitive teams.

                      Round 2 of SacAFL is scheduled for Saturday June 9th at Bryte Park in West Sacramento.

                      Full schedule can be found here

                      The Sacramento Suns and Lady Suns are in Season

                      Suns Training sessions began Tuesday May 1, 2018. After jumping around to several fields (due to poor field quality and prior bookings) the SAFC will host training sessions at Doc Oliver field for the remainder of the season June 12th.

                      The first Suns and Lady Suns participated in their first USAFL competitive game of 2018 on May 19th in Concord.

                      Both the men and women played with teams composed of players from both San Francisco and Sacramento.

                      It was a great day for footy with several newbies playing on all sides. Photos from the men's game are located here.

                      Head Coach Announcement-2018

                      April 25, 2018- The Sacramento Australian Football Club (SAFC) is happy to announce the appointment of Vicky Schoennagel as the Suns head coach and Brad Anderson as the Lady Suns head coach.

                      Vicky has considerable field knowledge and game awareness as she has been a player for six years. Vicky has participated in 40+ SacAFL games, 35+ Lady Suns games, and 70+ SacFooty games. She has been elected to a Lady Suns leadership role in 2015 and Captain in 2016. Vicky was the SacAFL Runner Up Best & Fairest in 2015 and 2016 as well as the Lady Suns Nationals MVP (2015 & 2016). Vicky was selected to participate in the 2014 International Cup as a member of the USA Liberty Squad and represented the USA as a defensive player. Vicky has been a USAFL Certified Umpire for three years and in addition to umpiring numerous games at the local level, she has umpired games at Regional Tournaments and Nationals. Vicky is excited to transition her dedication and knowledge from a player role into a coaching role.

                      Brad Anderson has been involved with the Sacramento Australian Football Club since 2013. He has been both the head coach and assistant coach to the Lady Suns. Brad attained his USAFL Certified Coach Certificate in 2016. In 2017, Brad was the league manager for the USA Revolution and accompanied the team in Australia on their International Cup Tour. Brad began his footy career in Australia at the age of six. Brad held many roles over his footy career including coaching which started at the young age of nineteen! Brad has had the pleasure of seeing the sport he knows and loves spread and grow in Australia and now in the USA. Brad has been an integral part of the SAFC and we look forward to his continued support.

                      Spring in Sacramento-2018

                      Fitness Through Footy

                      The SAFC has again partnered with Inspired Wellness to bring Free Fitness Sessions to the community! These fitness eventss were held over a twelve week period at McKinley Park in East Sacramento. These two hour sessions included a thirty minute full body bootcamp style workout including sprints followed by footy skills and scrimmages.

                      These sessions were led by our Director of Operations, Makenzie Seckora with support of fellow board members Isaac Seckora (Director of Events), Vicky Schoennagel (President) and Brad Anderson (Lady Suns Coach & League Supporter).  

                      Special thanks to our friends at Inspired Wellness for their continued support. Be sure to check them out!.

                      SacFooty Spring League

                      SacFooty Spring League began early this year with three Free Open Days in late March and early April. These sessions are designed for new players to learn the rules and skills of the co-ed tag game. We had a record number of new players attend these open days with a staggering eighteen new players who've registered for the league!

                      Numbers are stout enough that four full teams have been formed with the team names announced at Round 1.

                      Team names are suggested by players and usually the more outlandish the better!

                      Spring SacFooty Teams:

                      Mak n Blue Cheese-Captains Makenzie Seckora & Tim Peterson

                      Red Headed Sluts- Captains Erin Sheaffer & J. Lee

                      Olivia's Black Eye-Captains Olivia Christansen & Robert Kwoka

                      Green Eggs n Helen- Captains Helen Mondia & Julian David 

                      Round 1 Results concluded with Mak n Blue Cheese over the Red Headed Sluts and Green Eggs n Helen over Olivia's Black Eye

                      Calling All Coaches

                      Thursday, February 8, 2018 - The Sacramento Australian Football Club is starting the search for both the Suns Head Coach and the Lady Suns Head Coach for the 2018 season. With the retirement of long term Suns Head Coach, Matt Bishop, and the relocation of last year's Lady Suns Head Coach, Andy Jacobs, both teams are excited to find new leadership for the 2018 United States Australian Football League (USAFL) representative season.

                      The men and women are scheduled to compete in the Western Region Tournament July 28, 2018 in Davis, California, Stumptown Throwdown August 25, 2018 in Portland Oregon and the National Tournament October 13 & 14 - Racine, Wisconsin; as well as other USAFL sanctioned matches yet to be confirmed. Both teams practice weekly at local Sacramento area parks from May to early October on Tuesday evenings. This is a volunteer position, and the coach will be responsible to pay the same travel expenses as the players.

                      For a brief overview and some highlights from our 2017 season, check out the 2017 News Page on our website.

                      For any questions, opportunities to come out and meet the team, or to express interest, please email [email protected] signaling your interest. Our Head Coach position description and search process will be provided.

                      2018 Schedule Overview

                      Local footy events scheduled for 2018 include:

                      Fitness Through Footy @ McKinley Park

                      Tuesdays 6-7:30 pm March 6 to May 2

                      Saturday Sessions- February 24, March 10, March 24, April 7 & April 21

                      SacFooty Spring League @ Danny Nunn West

                      Open Days Thursdays 6 pm March 15, 29 & April 5

                      League Games - Thursdays 6-8 pm April 12- May 24

                      SacFooty Summer League @ Doc Oliver

                      Open Days - Thursdays 6 pm July 12, 19 & 26

                      League Games - Thursdays 6-8 pm August 2- September 13

                      SacAFL at Bryte Park and Doc Oliver

                      League Games Saturdays 10 am June 2 through August 18 (Some exceptions)

                      June 2-Round 1 at Bryte Park in West Sacramento

                      June 9-Round 2 at Bryte Park in West Sacramento

                      June 30-Round 3 at Doc Oliver

                      July 7-Round 4 at Doc Oliver

                      July 21-Round 5 at Doc Oliver

                      Aug 11-Round 6 at Doc Oliver

                      Aug 18-Finale at Doc Oliver

                      *August 18th Finale will be followed by a Youth Footy Clinic and Family Day

                      Sacramento Suns, the representative women's and men's teams, events scheduled:


                      • Tuesdays 6-8 pm starting May 1 through August 28
                      • Saturdays 10 am September 8, 15, 29 & October 6

                      USAFL Matches

                      • Lady Suns vs San Francisco Iron Maidens & Suns vs Roos May 19 in Concord, CA
                      • Suns/Lady Suns vs Portland Steelheads-June 16 in Talent, OR (near Medford)
                      • GGAFL vs Suns (men only)- July 14 in Concord, CA
                      • USAFL Western Region Tournament - July 28; Sacramento, CA
                      • Stumptown Throwdown August 25th; Portland, OR
                      • GGAFL vs LA vs Suns (Men?s & Womens competition)- September 22 in Concord, CA
                      • USAFL National Tournament - October 14-15; Racine, WI