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SacFooty (#SacFooty)

SacFooty (aka Ausball) is a fun-filled, energetic, co-ed, tag version of Australian Football. It is the most appropriate avenue for new players to try the game for the first time.

The SacFooty Leagues run for 7 rounds each with 3 FREE Open Days and scrimmages in the weeks leading up to Round 1.  Games will be held at Danny Nunn West Rugby Field Thursday evenings 6-8 pm.

If you are interested in playing but want to know more, please contact

Sign up for the next season here!

The club would also like to extend an invitation to all interested spectators! Come watch a game and see what the great game of Aussie Rules is all about.

SAFC Player Waiver

SAFC League Policies

2017 Results

Summer League
Premiers: Maroon Corps
Best & Fairest: Kelly Meriano & Kasey O'Connor
Runner Up Best and Fairest: Ed Manning & Amy Bishop
Inspiration Award Winners: Tim Peterson
Grand Final MVP's: Sean MacEachern
Leading Goal Kickers:  Kelly Meriano (17) & Kasey O'Connnor (9)
Spring League
Premiers: Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
Best & Fairest: Saleh Tyebjee & Nicolette Clark
Runner Up Best and Fairest: Aaron Crumpacker & Erin Sheaffer
Inspiration Award Winners: Traxel Towe & Liz Danielson
Grand Final MVP's: Kelly Meriano & Oanh Nguyen
Leading Goal Kickers: Traxel Towe & David Webb (5) and Liz Danielson & Vicky Schoennagel (5)

2016 Results

Summer League
Premiers: JuBal's Blubals 
Best & Fairest: Kasey O'Conner & Matt Lege
Runner Up Best and Fairest: Vicky Shoennagel & Kendall Hutchings
Inspiration Award Winners: Kasey O'Connor & Ramish Bahramand
Grand Final MVP's: Oanh Nguyen & Saleh Tyebjee
Leading Goal Kickers: Kasey O'Connor (6) & Traxel Towe (12) 
Spring League
Premiers:You'rein Trouble 
Best & Fairest: Katie Klatt & Tristan Boyer, Kelly Meriano
Runner-Up Best & Fairest: Carly Hartman, Matt Lege
Inspration Award Winners: Olivia Christensen & Yara Mignon
Grand Final MVP's: Laure Kwoka & Kendall Hutchings 
Leading Goal Kickers: Katie Klatt (9) and Scott Hensley (13) 

2015 Results

Spring League

Premiers: Y'er In Luck
Best & Fairest: Amanda Flok & Saleh Tyebjee
Runner-Up Best & Fairest: Katie Klatt & Matt Lege
Inspiration Award Winners: Jennifer Bilka & Greg Kettelhake
Grand Final MVP's: Katie Klatt & Andy Jacobs
Leading Goal Kickers: Oanh Nguyen (7), Jeremy Morris & Steve Walterscheid (8)

2014 Results

Fall League

Premiers: Hulk Smash
Best & Fairest: Melvin Chen & Saleh Tyebjee (tie), Katie Klatt
Runner-Up Best & Fairest: Matt Bishop & Alexandra Monrroy
Grand Final MVP's: Matt Bishop & Chelsea Wheeler
Leading Goal Kickers: Paul Coaxum (19) & Jaycie Speck & Amanda DeCarl (8)

Spring League

Premiers: Au Yeah
Best & Fairest: Melvin Chen & Katie Klatt
Runner-Up Best & Fairest: Aaron Crumpacker & Alexa Blatnick
Inspiration Award Winners: Sean Sears &  Jessica Roesemann
Grand Final MVP's: Saleh Tyebjee & Annie Mantzouranis
Leading Goal Kickers: Paul Coaxum (15) & Alexa Blatnick (7)

2013 Results

Fall League

Premiers: Big Red
Best & Fairest: Andy Jacobs & Peter Kvam (tied) & Erin Sheaffer
Runner-Up Best & Fairest: Katie Klatt (no male)
Inspiration Award Winners: Tim Townsend & Amanda DeCarl
Grand Final MVP's: David Brown & Daisy Galvan
Leading Goal Kickers: Sham Sanghera (16) & Alexa Blatnick (5)

Summer League

Premiers: Slimerz
Best & Fairest: Tocher Kellom & Oahn Nguyen
Runner-Up Best & Fairest: Matt Bishop & Erin Sheaffer
Inspiration Award Winners: Dane Cormack & Paige Swarbrick
Grand Final MVP's: Aaron Crumpacker & Alexa Blatnick
Leading Goal Kickers: Steve Walterscheid (27) & Erin Sheaffer (13)

Spring League

Premiers: Gold Blooded
Best & Fairest: Saleh Tyebjee & Yukako Kawakatsu & Christine Sto Domingo (tied)
Runner-Up Best & Fairest: Matt Lege & Davita Pale (tied) (no female)
Inspiration Award Winners: Patrick Wong & Sarah Brown
Grand Final MVP's: Melvin Chen & Yani Castillo
Leading Goal Kickers: Paul Courell (17) & Amanda DeCarl, Chelsea Schreiber, Erin Sheaffer, Merrilee Vanderwaal, Sarah Brown (3) (5-way tie)


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