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2016 Awards Gala

Saturday, November 19, 2016 - The Sacramento Australian Football Club celebrated the 2016 season, the 8th in its relatively short history, with an awards gala at Blue Prynt on Saturday night.

The event was attended by over 50 people, including representatives from major sponsors Peter & Grantham Insurance Brokers and Adamo’s Kitchen.

The evening began with the 3rd installment of the “Sunny Side of the Season”, a light-hearted look back on the year.

The 2016 season may have not delivered the on-field success desired by the Suns, however President Matt Bishop, outlined the major on and off-field achievements for the club in his introduction to the evening.

The major component of the evening was the presentation of awards for each level of footy offered by the club, including SacFooty (co-ed tag), SacAFL (men’s and women’s local tackle) and the Suns (men’s and women’s representative teams.

Congratulations to all the 2016 award winners, especially Kendall Hutchings who was named the Clubperson of the Year for his incredible and outstanding contributions to the club.

Photos from the Evening



  • Player of the Year - Women: Vicky Schoennagel
  • Player of the Year - Men: Matt Lege

SacAFL Women

  • Golden Boot: Kasey O’Connor
  • Best & Fairest Runner-up: Vicky Schoennagel
  • Best & Fairest: Elaine Schreiber

SacAFL Men

  • Golden Boot: Saleh Tyebjee
  • Best & Fairest Runner-up: Kendall Hutchings
  • Best & Fairest: Saleh Tyebjee

Lady Suns

  • Rookie of the Year: Olivia Christensen
  • Most Improved: Oanh Nguyen
  • Golden Boot: Liz Danielson
  • Coach’s Award: Kasey O’Connor
  • Nationals MVP: Vicky Schoennagel
  • Player of the Year: Rosemary Kloh


  • 50 Games: Saleh Tyebjee & Matt Bishop
  • Retirees: Matt Bishop, Justin Bylicki, Nathan Metzler & Melvin Chen
  • Rookie of the Year: Colby Campbell
  • Most Improved: Brennan Helwig
  • Golden Boot: Colby Campbell
  • Coach’s Award: Ramish Bahramand
  • Nationals MVP: Ed Manning
  • Player of the Year: Saleh Tyebjee

SacAFL Round 10

Saturday, September 24, 2016 - The Bandits and Convicts are the 2016 Sacramento Australian Football League champions for the women's and men's competitions respectively.

In the last round of the women's competition the league leaders, the Bandits, were paired with the Sherriffs and the Gold Diggers were paired with the Jailbirds. It was the Gold Diggers and Jailbirds that set the pace in a tight second half but the Sheriffs and Bandits ran away with the game in the second half. Major goalkickers for the game were Carly Hartman (4), Oanh Nguyen (3) and and Vicky Schoennagel (2).

Even though the men's competition was already decided the final game was a ripper! The league leaders, the Convicts, were paired with the Miners and the Marshalls with the Outlaws. The game was close all the way to the final minutes when the Miners and Convicts were able to kick a goal to win the game by 4 points. Nice work by Brian Brewer to kick 4 goals for the game.

Congratulations to our round 10 MVP's, Lauré Kwoka of the Gold Diggers and Brennan Helwig of the Convicts.

Game Summaries

WomenBandits / JailbirdsSheriffs / Gold Diggers
Quarter 29.4.584.5.29
Quarter 3  
Quarter 4  
GoalkickersO. Nguyen (3), V. Schoennagel (2), E. Danielson, J. Swart, E. Schreiber, K. O'ConnorC. Hartman (4)
Field & BoundaryM. O'Leary & T. IvesterR. Kwoka & K. Hutchings
Scorers/Goal UmpsM. BishopT. Towe & B. Swart
MenMiners / ConvictsOutlaws / Marshalls
Quarter 35.5.354.8.32
Quarter 48.6.548.10.58
GoalkickersK. Hutchings (2), R. Bahramand (2), S. MacEachern, T. Kellom, E. Manning, M. O'LearyB. Brewer (4), T. Towe (2), K. Meriano, B. Helwig
Field & BoundaryJ. Bilka, H. Mondia, V. SchoennagelE. Schreiber, J. Swart
Scorers/Goal UmpsM. BishopK. O'Connor, O. Nguyen, E. Danielson

SacAFL Round 9

Saturday, September 10, 2016 - The Bandits and Convicts hold commanding leads in the SacAFL after round 9.

In a one-sided game the Bandits teamed up with the Gold Diggers to defeat the Sheriffs and Jailbirds 50-11.

The men's game was much closer with the Marshalls and Convicts squeaking a narrow victory over the Miners and Outlaws, 61-56. Nice work by Scotty Hensley to kick a nice bag of 4 goals.

The round 9 MVP's were Jess Smith of the Gold Diggers and Tommy Ivester of the Sheriffs, congratulations to both players!

The Bandits and Convicts have all but won their respective leagues, unless they do something drastic and lose too many points!

Game Summaries

WomenSheriffs / JailbirdsBandits / Gold Diggers
GoalkickersH. MondiaE. Schreiber (2), C. Hartman (2), E. Sheaffer, J. Smith, R. Kloh
Field & BoundaryS. Tyebjee & S. HensleyM. O'Leary, K. Hutchings, V. Turner
Scorers/Goal UmpsB. Anderson & C. AdamoJ. Bylicki & T. Towe
MenMarshalls / ConvictsOutlaws / Miners
Quarter 15.1.310.1.1
Quarter 25.4.343.3.21
Quarter 38.5.536.4.40
Quarter 49.7.618.8.56
GoalkickersS. Hensley (4), T. Kellom (2), K. Hutchings, C. Campbell, S. TyebjeeS. Sanghera (3), B. Lewis, K. Meriano, N. Metzler, R. Bahramand, R. Henriquez
Field & BoundaryJ. Bilka & L. KwokaJ. Swart & E. Schreiber
Scorers/Goal UmpsB. AndersonJ. Smith, O. Christensen, M. Seckora, C. Hartman


SacFooty Summer League Finals

Thursday, August 25, 2016 - Jubal's Blubals are the 2016 SacFooty Summer League Premiers!

The league minor premiers, Jubal's Blubals, took on Green Means Go in the major final after the green team were gifted a place in the game. Unfortunately Red Means Stop were short on players and sadly did not get to play a final game.

So the final game was set to be a doozy but alas it a little more one-sided than expected. Jubal's Blubals came out all guns blazing and kicked 5 majors to 1 to lead at the half by 27 points.

It was going to be an uphill battle for Green Means Go in the second half but they came out and gave it their best, managing to kick 3 goals. The men on the blue team could only manage to kick 2 goals in the second half however 2 supergoals kicked by Oanh Nguyen put the nail in the coffin. Jubal's Blubals were the eventual winners by 37 points.

The league awards were presented at our sponsor bar, Kupros Craft House, after the game and congratulations to the following winners! Congratulations also to Andy Jacobs kicking over 50 SacFooty goals and to Matt Lege playing over 100 SacFooty games!

 Leading Goalkicker Kasey O'Connor
Traxel Towe
 League Inspiration Awards Kasey O'Connor
Ramish Bahramand
 Grand Final MVP's
Oanh Nguyen
Saleh Tyebjee
 Best & Fairest Runner-up
Vicky Schoennagel
Kendall Hutchings
 Best & Fairest
Kasey O'Connor
Matt Lege

SacAFL Round 8

Saturday, August 20, 2016 - The Bandits lead a close women's competition and the Convicts secure top place in the men's competition with a thumping win!

In the women's game the Bandits teamed up with the Jailbirds to defeat the Sheriffs and Gold Diggers combination by 20 points, 43-23. Multiple goalkickers were Lani Silvio, Elaine Schreiber, Kasey O'Connor and Helen Mondia with two-a-piece.

The men's game was very one-sided with the Convicts and Outlaws dominating the Marshalls and Miners, 124-27. Multiple goalkickers included Saleh Tyebjee with 5, Colby Campbell 4, Ramish Bahramand 3, Traxel Towe 3 and Brian Brewer 2.

Congratulations to the round 8 MVP's, Liz Danielson of the Sheriffs and Kelly Meriano of the Miners.

Game Summaries

WomenBandits / JailbirdsSheriffs / Gold Diggers
Quarter 46.7.433.5.23
GoalkickersL. Silvio (2), E. SheafferE. Schreiber (2), K. O'Connor (2), H. Mondia (2)
Field & BoundaryS. Tyebjee & M. O'LearyV. Turner, J. Hernandez, B. Swart
Scorers/Goal UmpsK. HutchingsJ. Bylicki & T. Towe
MenMarshalls / MinersOutlaws / Convicts
Quarter 33.3.2113.9.87
Quarter 44.3.2719.10.124
GoalkickersJ. Hernandez, S. MacEachern, S. Sears, K. MerianoS. Tyebjee (5), C. Campbell (4), T. Towe (3), R. Bahramand (3), B. Brewer (2), B. Helwig, R. Henriquez
Field & BoundaryE. Schreiber & H. MondiaV. Schoennagel & A. DeCarl
Scorers/Goal UmpsJ. SwartK. O'Connor, E. Danielson, C. Wong, E. Sheaffer

SacFooty Summer League Round 6

Thursday, August 18, 2016 - Jubal's Blubals await the victor of the final between Green Means Go and Red Means Stop to battle it out for the Summer League Premiership in the final round next Thursday.

There was not a lot at stake in round 6 however the players were looking to grab as much momentum from this round as possible.

In game 1 Green Means Go was too strong for Red Means Stop winning 54-30.

Green Means Go continued their good form into game 2 toppling Jubal's Blubals 52-30.

The final game for the evening was a close encounter between Red Means Stop and Jubal's Blubals, with the former holding off a determined Jubal's Blubals by 5 points, 34-29.

Congratulations to our round 6 Kupros Inspiration Award Winners, Vicky Schoennagel and Tommy Ivester of Green Means Go.

Game Summaries

Half Time1.
Full Time2.5.6.542.2.0.30
GoalkickersT. Ivester (3), K. O'Connor, V. Schoennagel, K. Hutchings, P. AdamoL. Kwoka, R. Wickland, D. Webb, M. Lege
UmpiresM. BishopH. Mondia
Scorers/Goal UmpsR. BahramandB. Anderson, R. Kloh, A. Jacobs, J. Bilka
Half Time1.
Full Time2.5.4.521.3.3.30
GoalkickersK. Hutchings (4), K. O'Connor, V. Schoennagel, T. IvesterS. Sears (2), C. Wong, A. Jacobs
UmpiresD. WebbM. Lege
Scorers/Goal UmpsB. Swart, Y. Mignon, M. O'LearyB. Anderson, R. Kloh, J. Swart, L. Kwoka
Half Time1.
Full Time1.4.1.340.4.5.29
GoalkickersD. Webb (2), R. Wickland, M. Lege, Y. MignonS. Sears (2), M. Bishop, N. Stefanyshyn
UmpiresK. HutchingsT. Ivester
Scorers/Goal UmpsV. Schoennagel, S. MurphyK. O'Connor, O. Christensen, B. Anderson, P. Adamo


SacAFL Round 7

Saturday, August 13, 2016 - 12 points in total separated the two games in round 7 of the SacAFL with the Sheriffs/Bandits and the Marshalls/Outlaws combinations being victorious.

With several ladies in Wisconsin for the Freedom camp it was going to be interesting to see how the teams responded. A good number of ladies made it out and with the help of a few guys a very competitive game resulted. The Sheriffs and Bandits lead the game at every break but only won by 4 points, 29-24.

In the men's game it was the Marshalls and Outlaws up against the Miners and the undefeated Convicts. Perhaps surprisingly the Marshalls and Outlaws played extremely well opening up a 5 goal margin by three quarter time. Fortunately it was enough for them to hold on as the Miners and Convicts made a late surge only to fall short by 8 points, 48-56.

Congratulations to the round 7 MVP's Olivia Christensen of the Jailbirds and Ramish Bahramand of the Outlaws.

Game Summaries

WomenBandits / JailbirdsSheriffs / Gold Diggers
GoalkickersV. Schoennagel (2), A. Squilla, K. O'ConnorH. Mondia (2), A. DeCarl
Field & BoundaryM. Bishop & S. SearsV. Turner, T. Kellom, E. Manning
Scorers/Goal UmpsS. MacEeachernT. Towe, T. Ivester, J. Ledden
MenMiners / ConvictsOutlaws / Marshalls
Quarter 25.6.362.2.14
Quarter 38.8.564.2.26
Quarter 48.8.567.8.48
GoalkickersS. Hensley, M. Bishop, S. MacEachern, T. Kellom, T. Ivester, J. Hernandez, E. ManningB. Brewer (3), S. Tyebjee (2), T. Towe, C. Swineford
Field & BoundaryV. Schoennagel & J. BilkaJ. Swart & J. Ledden
Scorers/Goal UmpsH. MondiaE. Sheaffer, A. DeCarl, K. O'Connor

SacFooty Summer Round 5

Thursday, August 11, 2016 - Jubal's Blubals have taken a commanding lead after round 5 of the SacFooty Summer League.

In game 1 a strong defensive effort and accurate goalkicking resulted in Jubal's Blubals defeating Green Means Go by dominant 50 points, 62-12.

The second game was closer but Jubal's Blubals finished comfortable winners, defeating Red Means Stop 42-20.

Red Means Stop turned it around completely in game 3 winning by 34 points over Green Means Go.

Congratulations to the round 5 Kupros Inspiration Award winners Kasey O'Connor from Green Means Go and the man himself, Jubal Ledden of Jubal's Blubals.

Game Summaries

Half Time0.5.4.340.0.2.2
Full Time1.8.5.620.1.6.12
GoalkickersR. Bahramand (3), M. Bishop (2), N. Stefanyshyn (2), H. Mondia, S. SearsT. Townsend
UmpiresM. LegeM. O'Leary
Scorers/Goal UmpsB. Swart, J. SwartS. Sanghera, M. Koegler
Half Time1.3.4.310.2.0.12
Full Time1.4.9.420.3.2.20
GoalkickersH. Mondia, M. Bishop, N. Stefanyshyn, S. Tyebjee, S. SearsD. Webb, M. Lege, S. MacEachern
UmpiresT. TownsendT. Towe
Scorers/Goal UmpsA. Squilla & V. SchoennagelJ. Soesbe, P. Adamo
Half Time0.
Full Time1.3.3.300.10.4.64
GoalkickersK. O'Connor, J. Soesbe, T. Townsend, C. CampbellC. Campbell (3), D. Webb (2), S. MacEachern, S. Sanghera, M. Lege
UmpiresS. TyebjeeJ. Bilka
Scorers/Goal UmpsA. Jacobs & S. SearsR. Bahramand, J. Ledden, H. Mondia


SacAFL Round 6

Saturday, August 6, 2016 - It was a goal-fest in round 6 of the 2016 SacAFL season!

It all started in the women's league with the Gold Diggers & Bandits taking on the Sheriffs & Jailbirds and they prevailed 78-63. Big bags of goals were kicked Liz Danielson (4), Lauré Kwoka (4) and Oanh Nguyen (3).

In the men's game the Marshalls & Convicts dominated the Miners & Outlaws, defeating them 107-43. Juan Hernandez and Justin Bylicki kicked 4 each, while Colby Campbell, Saleh Tyebjee and Rich Boyer kicked 3-a-piece.

Congratulations to the round 6 MVP's Oanh Nguyen from the Sheriffs and Justin Bylicki from the Convicts!!

Game Summaries

WomenSheriffs / JailbirdsBandits / Gold Diggers
Quarter 15.2.321.1.7
Quarter 27.2.446.3.39
Quarter 38.2.508.4.52
Quarter 410.3.6311.6.78
GoalkickersE. Danielson (4), O. Nguyen (3), V. Schoennagel, C. Adamo, O. ChristensenL. Kwoka (4), J. Smith, A. Mantzouranis (2), R. Kloh (2), A. Squilla
Field & BoundaryS. Hensley & S. TyebjeeM. McGreevy & R. Kwoka
Scorers/Goal UmpsM. BishopT. Towe, R. Hutchings, J. Hernandez
MenMarshalls / ConvictsOutlaws / Miners
Quarter 29.3.573.3.21
Quarter 314.7.914.5.29
Quarter 416.11.1076.7.43
GoalkickersJ. Hernandez (4), J. Bylciki (4), C. Campbell (3), S. Tyebjee (3), K. Hutchings, M. ChenR. Boyer (3), E. Manning, R. Bahramand, R. Wurst
Field & BoundaryE. Schreiber, T. Ivester, H. MondiaC. Adamo, E. Danielson
Scorers/Goal UmpsV. Schoennagel, M. KoeglerR. Kloh, A. Mantzouranis, L. Kwoka

SacFooty Summer Round 4

Thursday, August 4, 2016 - The competition has evened up after Green Means Go registered two good wins in round 4 of the SacFooty Summer League.

In game 1 the competition leader, Jubal's Blubals, edged out Red Means Stop with an 8-point win, 34-26.

Green Means Go accounted for an inaccurate Red Means Stop in game 2, winning 23-11.

In the final game for round 4 Green Means Go were too strong for Jubal's Blubals winning 28-16.

After 4 rounds Jubal's Blubals are atop the competition ladder, 1 game above Green Means Go and closely followed by Red Means Stop.

Game Summaries

Half Time0.
Full Time0.
GoalkickersC. Campbell (2), Y. Mignon, K. WhiteA. Jacobs (2), O. Nguyen, M. Bishop, R. Bahramand
UmpiresK. HutchingsT. Townsend
Scorers/Goal UmpsC. NewcombB. Anderson, K. O'Connor
Half Time0.
Full Time0.
GoalkickersC. Campbell K. Hutchings, P. Adamo, T. Ivester
UmpiresA. JacobsS. Sears
Scorers/Goal UmpsH. MondiaB. Anderson, J. Bilka, R. Bahramand, N. Stefanyshyn
Half Time0.
Full Time0.
GoalkickersR. Bahramand (2)T. Ivester (2), S. Murphy, T. Townsend
UmpiresB. AndersonM. Lege
Scorers/Goal Umps Y. Mignon, K. White


SacAFL Mid-Season Update

Saturday, August 6, 2016 - Five rounds have been completed for the 2016 SacAFL season signalling the halfway point.

In the women's league it is the Bandits who lead the pack going undefeated. However they have left the door open for another pod to take the top spot as they have struggled with player attendance. The Jailbirds are the current challenger and have the chance to take the lead when they pair up with the Sheriffs today to take on the Bandits and Gold Diggers.

In the men's league it is the Convicts that have clearly dominated and are also undefeated in 2016. There was a draw in round 1 that means they don't have all the points but they have a commanding 4 point lead. In round 6 games the Convicts pair up with the Marshalls to take on the Miners and Convicts.

League results and ladders can be viewed here...

SacFooty Summer Round 3

Thursday, July 28, 2016 - Jubal's Blubals find themselves leading the pack after another round determined mostly by player availability.

Game 1 was dominated by Green Means Go with a 5-goal second half against Team Red with a final score of 51-33.

Game 2 went the other way for Green Means Go as they faced a fresh Jubal's Blubals who came to play. The final score was 52-21.

Game 3 was much closer with Jubal's Blubals snatching victory from the jaws of defeat against Team Red, winning 29-26.

Congratulations to the round 3 Inspiration Award winners, Jen Bilka and Ramish Bahramand of Jubla's Blubals.

Game Summaries

Half Time0.
Full Time0.8.3.510.5.3.33
GoalkickersT. Towe (5), C. Campbell (2), J. SoesbeC. Gould (2), S. MacEachern, S. Sanghera, Y. Mignon
UmpiresM. BishopJ. Bilka
Scorers/Goal UmpsR. BahramandS. Tyebjee, B. Anderson
Half Time0.
Full Time0.
GoalkickersT. Townsend, T. Towe, C. CampbellR. Bahramand, H. Mondia, J. Ledden, K. Clancy, M. Bishop, S. Tyebjee
UmpiresS. MacEachernL. Kwoka / M. O'Leary
Scorers/Goal UmpsM. O'Leary, C. Gould, B. HarringtonJ. Swart, S. Sanghera, L. Kwoka, M. O'Leary
Half Time0.
Full Time0.
GoalkickersS. Sanghera (2), S. MacEachern, Y. MignonJ. Ledden, R. Bahramand, S. Tyebjee, C. Campbell
UmpiresV. SchoennagelT. Towe
Scorers/Goal UmpsJ. SoesbeC. Newcomb, R. Wurst, S. Murphy

SacFooty Summer Round 2

Thursday, July 21, 2016 - Team Red are setting the pace after two rounds of the SacFooty Summer League.

All three games were close with Green defeating Blue by 6 points in the first game,  Red defeated Blue by 3 points in game 2 and then defeated Green by 10 points in the last game of the round.

Congratulations to Oanh Nguyen (Blue) and Yara Mignon (Red) on being named the round 2 Inspiration Award winners.

Game Summaries

Half Time1.
Full Time1.
GoalkickersK. Clancy (2), O. Nguyen, S. SearsT. Ivester (3), J. Soesbe, S. Murphy
UmpiresD. WebbM. O'Leary
Scorers/Goal UmpsB. SwartM. Keogler, B. Anderson
Half Time0.
Full Time2.
GoalkickersO. Nguyen (2), S. SearsD. Webb, M. O'Leary, S. Sanghera, Y. Mignon
UmpiresT. ToweT. Ivester
Scorers/Goal UmpsK. Hutchings, R. WurstK. O'Connor, A. DeCarl, C. Newcomb, B. Anderson
Half Time1.
Full Time1.3.4.311.5.2.41
GoalkickersT. Towe (2), K. O'Connor, T. IvesterS. Sanghera (2), Y. Mignon (2), M. Koegler, S. MacEachern
UmpiresS. SearsA. Jacobs
Scorers/Goal UmpsM. BishopB. Anderson, R. Bahramand, J. Ledden, O.Nguyen

Suns Win Back-to-Back WRT Division 2 Titles

Saturday, July 16, 2016 - The Suns have backed up their 2015 Division 2 win at the Western Region Tournament with a couple of close wins in Salem, Oregon.

The Suns first game was against the Portland Steelheads, the defending USAFL Division 3 National Champs, and it is fair to say that both teams were rusty and have had several personnel changes. The Suns kicked to the scoring end in the first half but didn't capitalize on the opportunity kicking 1.5. This left the door open for Portland and they gave it a crack in the second half. However the Suns remained composed and kicked 2 goals against the flow to secure a victory 23-8.

The Seattle Grizzlies, once a USAFL Division 1 Runner-up, have been through some hard times in recent years but have done well to pull together a competitive squad. They knocked off Portland in their first pool game so the WRT Division 2 championship was to be decided in their game against the Suns.

The Suns again started by kicking to the scoring end and once again they couldn't capitalize, especially due to good pressure by the Grizzlies. The margin at half time was 6 points, 1.1.7 to 0.1.1.

The second half was a tight tussle and the Grizzlies did well to kick 2 goals to hold a 5 point lead toward the end of the game. The Suns did lift and started to create scoring opportunities but the defense of Seattle held firm and it looked like they would hold on for the win. The game was literally decided by the last play of the game with new recruit Colby Campbell being awarded a free kick for a push in the back. In his first full game of footy he was in the position that all kids dream of and had a kick to win the game from 15 yards out on a slight angle. He calmly slotted it home to give the Suns an unlikely victory and a second WRT Division 2 title in 2 years.

The Lady Suns had 3 games to navigate in the women's division and they would only lose by 1 point to eventual champions Minnesota/Portland in their first game. In their 2nd game they played one of the best halves of footy by a Lady Suns team and managed to keep the San Francisco Iron Maidens to 1 point, event though they were kicking to the scoring end. Unfortunately they weren't able to continue their good form in the second half and the Iron Maidens won comfortably, 18-0. In their final game the Lady Suns had a another close one against the combined team from Vancouver/Seattle/Arizona but were not able to come away with the chocolates, losing the game by 5 points.

Thank-you to the Portland Steelheads and the USAFL, especially VP West Seb Aguiari, President Denis Ryan, Operation Manager Doren James, Media Manager Brian Barrish and Umpire Director Jon Mills for their help in running another great WRT.   


Game Summaries

Game 1Sacramento Lady SunsMinnesota/Portland
1/2 Time0.
Full Time0.
Game 2Sacramento Lady SunsSF Iron Maidens
1/2 Time0.
Full Time0.
Game 3Sacramento Lady SunsVancouver/Seattle/AZ
1/2 Time1.
Full Time1.
GoalkickersO. Nguyen
Game 1Sacramento SunsPortland Steelheads
1/2 Time1.
Full Time3.
GoalkickersS. Sanghera (2), R. Bahramand
Game 2Sacramento SunsSeattle Grizzlies
1/2 Time1.
Full Time2.
GoalkickersC. Campbell, T. Ivester

SacFooty Summer League Round 1

Thursday, July 14, 2016 - Circumstances have resulted in a new format for the SacFooty Summer League with only three teams but with three games played each round.

The first game for round 1 was between Red and Blue and with hot weather and low numbers the scoring was on the lower end. In a tight one the Blue team were victorious 26-25.

The second game was forfeited by Green but a good gesture by the Blue team allowed Green to play in round 3, using guest players. Again the game was close with the Blue team winning only by a margin of seven, 32-25.

Game Summaries

Half Time0.
Full Time0.
GoalkickersY. Mignon (3), M. LegeA. Jacobs, K. Clancy, S. Tyebjee, S.Sears
UmpiresK. Hutchings 
Scorers/Goal UmpsJ. SoesbeB. Anderson, T. Towe, K. O'Connor
Half Time0.
Full Time0.2.4.16 (WIN) (FORFEIT)
GoalkickersD. Webb (2)K. Klatt (2), T. Towe (2), K. O'Connor, J. Soesbe, K. Clancy
UmpiresM. BishopS. Tyebjee
Scorers/Goal UmpsB. AndersonJ. Bilka, H. Mondia
Half Time2.
Full Time2.1.8.321.2.4.25
GoalkickersH. Mondia, O. Nguyen, S. TyebjeeT. Towe (2), K. O'Connor
UmpiresM. LegeM. O'Leary
Scorers/Goal UmpsB. AndersonK. Klatt, Y. Mignon

SacAFL Round 3

Saturday, July 9, 2016 - The footy was fierce and competitive suggesting close games in round 3 of the SacAFL, however the scores indicated otherwise.

The women's game was dominated by the Gold Diggers and Bandits with multiple goals kicked by Katie Klatt (3), Erin Sheaffer (2), Elaine Schreiber (2) and Rosemary Kloh (2). To their credit the Sheriffs and Jailbirds kept fighting for the entire game. The final score was 11.9.75 to 1.1.7.

The men's game was also 20160709_SacAFL controlled by one team, the Marshalls and Convicts, however they didn't have it all their way with the Miners and Outlaws constantly trying to swing the game back in their favor. The margin in the end was 28 points to the Marshalls and Convicts, 10.13.73 to 6.9.45. Great work by Brian Brewer and Tocher Kellom to snag three sausage rolls each!

Congratulations to the round 3 MVP's Katie Klatt and Brian "Hightower" Lewis (Miners).

Game Summaries

WomenSheriffs / JailbirdsBandits / Gold Diggers
Quarter 31.1.710.7.67
Quarter 41.1.711.9.75
GoalkickersM. KoeglerK. Klatt (3), E. Sheaffer (2), E. Schreiber (2), R. Kloh (2), L. Kwoka, J. Smith
Field & BoundaryM. Bishop, M. McGreevyR. Bahramand, J. Soesbe
Scorers/Goal UmpsA. JacobsS. Tyebjee, T. Towe
MenMarshalls / ConvictsOutlaws / Miners
Quarter 14.6.300.2.2
Quarter 25.8.383.4.22
Quarter 38.9.575.5.35
Quarter 410.13.736.9.45
GoalkickersT. Kellom (3), B. Brewer (3), S. Tyebjee (2), K. Hutchings, T. ToweS. Sanghera (2), R. Asuncion, E. Manning, Y. Mignon, J. Soesbe
Field & BoundaryS. MacEachern, K. Klatt, E. SchreiberE. Danielson, O. Christensen, L. Kwoka
Scorers/Goal UmpsB. AndersonV. Schoennagel, C. Flok, E. Sheaffer


SacAFL Round 2

Saturday, June 25, 2016 - The weather is really heating up this week in Sacramento and so is the local footy!

The women's league produced a close-finishing game despite the Bandits / Jailbirds combination breaking out to a four goal lead by half time. The Sheriffs / Gold Diggers kept believing and started to dominate the play in the second half, falling just shy of a huge comeback win. The final score was 45-40 to the Bandits and Jailbirds.

The men's game was certainly not as close and Suns Coach Matt Bishop has scheduled a solid session of goalkicking practice after the guys managed to kick 28 behinds between them. The Outlaws and Convicts were far too strong, despite the Marshalls and Miners not giving up, winning the game 76-30.

Congratulations to Andrea Squilla (Bandits) and Ed Manning (Outlaws) on being named the round 2 women's and men's MVPs respectively.   

Game Summaries

WomenSheriffs / Gold DiggersBandits / Jailbirds
Quarter 35.1.316.2.38
Quarter 46.4.407.3.45
GoalkickersE. Danielson (2), K. Klatt (2), V. Schoennagel, M. SeckoraK. O'Connor (2), A. DeCarl (2), A. Squilla, R. Kloh, C. Wong
Field & BoundaryS. MacEachern, J. BylickiK. Hutchings, V. Turner
Scorers/Goal UmpsH. HarveyI. Seckora, M. O'Leary
MenMarshalls / MinersOutlaws / Convicts
Quarter 43.12.3010.16.76
GoalkickersK. Hutchings, T. Kellom, B. LewisB. Brewer (4), S. Tyebjee (3), E. Manning, B. Helwig, M. Lege
Field & BoundaryS. MacEachern, V. SchoennagelA. DeCarl, C. Adamo
Scorers/Goal UmpsH. HarveyJ. Bilka, L. Danielson

SacAFL Round 1

Saturday, June 18, 2016 - Local footy is back in Sactown and round 1 produced a nailbiter in the men's competition!

The first round of the women's competition wasn't as close but the standard of play was equally as exciting. The Sheriffs and Bandits, lead by Captains Vicky Schoennagel and Elaine Schreiber, were a fierce pairing and they dominated the scoreboard on the day, defeating the Gold Diggers / Jailbirds 7.6.48 to 2.3.15.

The men's game was a cracker going right down to the wire and fittingly the first draw in men's SacAFL history was played out. In a day of highlights it was fantastic to have a former South Melbourne VFL Reserves player, Greg Hincksman, dust off the boots and have a run. Finally new recruit Colby Campbell excelled in his first game of footy slotting home 3 goals.

Congratulations to Elaine Schreiber (Bandits) and Saleh Tyebjee (Convicts) on being named the round 1 women's and men's MVPs respectively.  

Game Summaries

WomenSheriffs / BanditsGold Diggers / Jailbirds
Quarter 35.5.352.1.13
Quarter 47.6.482.3.15
GoalkickersE. Schreiber (2), K. O'Connor (2), V. Schoennagel, O. Nguyen, R. KlohC. Flok, A. Monrroy
Field & BoundaryS. Tyebjee, S. Hensley & N. MetzlerB. Lewis, V. Turner
Scorers/Goal UmpsH. HarveyI. Seckora & L. Kwoka
MenMarshalls / OutlawsMiners / Convicts
Quarter 24.6.305.0.30
Quarter 37.7.497.4.46
Quarter 49.9.639.9.63
GoalkickersS. Sanghera (3), T. Kellom (2), T. Ivester (2), K. Hutchings, N. MetzlerC. Campbell (3), B. Brewer (2), J. Bylicki, B. Helwig, S. Tyebjee, T. Towe
Field & BoundaryV. Schoennagel, E. Schreiber, L. KwokaC. Adamo, E. Manning
Scorers/Goal UmpsH. HarveyO. Christensen, M. Seckora, B. Anderson, K. O'Connor


Sacramento Women's Footy Tournament a Success!

Saturday, June 12, 2016 - To borrow from a cliché, women’s footy was truly the winner at the inaugural Sacramento Farm to Fork Invitational, held at Bryte Park in West Sacramento on June 11.

The Denver Lady Bulldogs were the overall winners on the day with a greater percentage and, even though they had a little help from the San Francisco Iron Maidens and the local Lady Suns, you cannot take anything away from the crew of 10 that traveled from the Mile-High City.

The Lady Bulldogs play a tough brand of footy and it is fair to say that the Iron Maidens and Lady Suns came prepared to dish out their own version. The competition was fierce, especially for early season games, and the quality of football played was equally as impressive.

The first game was between the Lady Suns and the Lady Bulldogs, with some assistance from the Iron Maidens. Despite winning the toss the Lady Suns elected to kick against a strong wind, probably worth 2-3 goals. The Lady Bulldogs made the most of the wind slotting 3 first half goals. The Lady Suns fought hard to restrict the Bulldogs and more importantly they were able to snag a goal of their own against the wind. The Lady Bulldogs were up 20-6 at half time.

The Lady Suns went to work in the second half and despite squandering many opportunities they were able kick 3 goals 3 and kept the Bulldogs to 2 points. The Lady Suns secured their first win for the season, defeating the 6-time National Champions 27-22.

The second game of the day featured the Lady Suns once again, this time up against the Iron Maidens. The Lady Suns and Iron Maidens have developed a strong rivalry over the years and it seems to bring the best out of both teams.

The Lady Suns won the toss but once again they decided to kick against the wind. The Iron Maidens made the most of their good fortune kicking 4 goals, although they did miss quite a few opportunities and ended up kicking 8 behinds. Through all their attacking play the Iron Maidens lead the game 32-0 at the half.

In the second half the Lady Suns took their turn to attack with the wind that had not let up. Despite having its assistance the Iron Maidens fought hard to protect their lead and ran out winners 38-16.

The final game for the day was between the Lady Bulldogs and the Iron Maidens and even though the day had continue to warm the ladies did not lower their intensity. The Lady Bulldogs, with the assistance of several Lady Suns, came out firing to win the first half, 10-3, despite kicking against a 2-3 goal wind. Utilizing that word the Lady Bulldogs ran away the second half to win the game 40-3.

The huge percentage boost from this game resulted in the Lady Bulldogs taking out the tournament, even though each of the teams won a game each. This truly was a celebration of women’s footy in the U.S. and every players can be proud of their efforts.

Good Day Sacramento Video Feature

Photos Thanks to Amy Bishop

The following awards were presented at the post-tournament function held at Kupros Craft House:

  • Lady Suns Player’s Player, Game 1 - Rosemary Kloh
  • Lady Suns Player’s Player, Game 2 - Elizabeth Danielson
  • Tournament MVP Runner-up - Nicki (Iron Maidens)
  • Tournament MVP - Katie Klatt (Lady Suns)

Thank-you to all the supporters that came out to cheer the ladies on and thank-you to everyone that assisted in making the day one to remember!

Game Summaries

GAME 1Sacramento SunsDenver Lady Bulldogs
1/2 Time1.
Full Time4.
GoalkickersK. Klatt (2), E. Schreiber, R. Kloh
GAME 2Sacramento Lady SunsSan Francisco Iron Maidens
1/2 Time0.
Full Time2.
GoalkickersC. Flok, L. Silvio

Suns to Host Women's Australian Football Tournament

Wednesday, June 8, 2016 - Women’s Aussie Rules Football will be the main event at the inaugural Sacramento Women’s Footy Invitational to be held at Bryte Park in West Sacramento, Saturday, June 11, 2016.


The public is invited to this exciting and FREE event!


Sacramento Lady Suns will battle it out with six-time National Champions, Denver Lady Bulldogs! Lady Suns have been preparing for the dog fight that will also include a clash against the San Francisco Iron Maidens later in the day. Be prepared for lots action that rolls several sports into one game, Australian Football, also known as Aussie Rules!


The three ladies teams are part the United States Australian Football League, an amateur sports club which consists of more than 40 men’s and women’s teams across the country. Teams compete at the national tournament annually, while the more s competitive athletes travel to Australia every 3 years for the International Cup.


This weekend’s event will include several players who have made the national teams as well as professional hopeful, Katie Klatt.  Klatt will travel to Australia next month and hopes to make the first-ever women’s professional Australian Football League.


Where: Bryte Park - 425 Todhunter Avenue, West Sacramento



10:00am      Lady Suns Vs Lady Bulldogs

10:45           Men’s games (Sacramento Suns)

11:30           Lady Suns Vs Iron Maidens

12:15pm     Men’s games

1:00             Iron Maidens Vs Lady Bulldogs

2:00             Games conclude

2:30             Post-Tournament Function at Kupros Craft House (21st & L,  Sacramento)

SacFooty Spring League Finals & Awards

Thursday, June 2, 2016 -You'reIN Trouble are the 2016 SacFooty Spring League Premiers. Congratulations to them and all of the league award winners!

Finals weeks started off with a battle for third between Orange is the New Footy and the Steel Sidebottoms. Both teams came out fighting hard for the footy. A few back and forth balls, quick kicks, and some great marks. Orange is the New Footy had a 14 point lead at the half, but the Steel Sidebottoms were not ready for defeat. They pushed hard, ran faster, evaded more tags, and ended up dominating the second half to win the game, with a final score or 74-42.

The championship game featured You’reIn Trouble against the anticipated underdogs Aquaholics. You’reIn Trouble knew what they needed to do to win the game: score and score often.  You’reIn trouble pulled off a quick super goal in the early seconds of the game, crushing the spirits of the Aquaholics early on. You’reIn Trouble continued to control the footy, with great marks and quick tags.  The mentally defeated Aquaholics, just didn’t have the heart to prevail. You’reIn Luck beating the Aquaholics with a final score of 72-24.

Congratulation to the following Spring League award winners and congratulations to Jeff Soesbe on playing 100 SacFooty games!

 Leading Goalkicker Katie Klatt (9)
Scott Hensley (13)
 Grand Final MVP's
 Lauré Kwoka
Kendall Hutchings
 League Inspiration Awards  Olivia Christensen
Yara Mignon
 Best & Fairest Runner-Up
 Carly Hartman & Vicky Schoennagel
 Best & Fairest
Katie Klatt
 Kelly Meriano & Tristan Boyer

Game Summaries

Game 1Orange is the New FootySteel Sidebottoms
Half Time1.
Full Time1.5.3.423.7.5.74
GoalkickersO. Christensen, S. Hensley (2), S. Sanghera, T. Simmons, T. IvesterV. Schoennagel, C. Sto Domingo, O. Nguyen, K. Robertson (2) S. MacEachern (4), Y. Mignon
UmpiresM. Lege, J. Bilka, T. Boyer
Scorers/Goal UmpsB. Anderson, L. KwokaR. Nielson, K. Hutchings, C. Newcomb
Game 2You'reIN Trouble Aquaholics
Half Time2.4.3.450.0.1.1
Full Time2.8.6.721.2.3.24
GoalkickersA. DeCarl, M. Gaudreault, T. Boyer (2), A. Fanslow, J. Johnson, J. Ledden (2), R. Bahramand, V. TurnerK. Klatt, K. Hutchings, K. Meriano
UmpiresS. HensleyV. Schoennagel
Scorers/Goal UmpsJ. Swart, O. NguyenJ. Soesbe, B. Anderson

SacFooty Spring League Rounds 5 & 6

Thursday, May 26, 2016 - The last two rounds of the SacFooty Spring League have been hard fought battles, as each team tried to climb their way into the playoffs.

Week 5 started off with a tough game between Orange is the New Footy and the Steel Sidebottoms. Orange, looking for their first win of the season, came out strong and hard, leading at the half by 13. The Steel Sidebottoms came back re-energized during the second half, but hard as they fought, they couldn’t recoup the damage from the first half, a final score of 50-13 in favor of Orange is the New Footy.

Game 2, was the Aquaholics vs You’reIn Trouble. The Aquaholics fought hard, in hopes to secure a win and give You’reIN Trouble their first loss of the season.  It was an extremely close fought match between the two. You’reIN Trouble had a difficult time finding the goals during the second half, but with enough behinds, and their small lead at the half, they were able to come out victorious at the end with a score of 40-33.  

Tensions ran high in week six, as the only team that had secured a spot in the championship game after round 5 was You’reIn Luck.

Game 1 featured Orange is the New Footy vs the Aquaholics.  Both teams knew that they needed a win to even be considered for the final game; it all came down to who wanted it more. There were good marks, and great tags made, unfortunately, Orange is the New Footy couldn’t clamp down against the Aquaholics. A final score of 65-25 in favor of the Aquaholics.

In Game 2 the undefeated You’reIn Trouble faces the Steel Sidebottoms who were looking for their second win of the season. This was truly a great match up.  The ball changed possession, and the battles were even as the teams finished the first half 21 all.  The second half proved to be just as exciting and the game was close throughout. Unfortunately for You’reIN Trouble, the Steel Sidebottoms wouldn’t let anyone go undefeated this season, winning in a close fought match 49-44.


Congratulations to our weekly Inspiration Award winners for round 5, Vicky Schoennagel of Steel Sidebottoms and Steve Ramirez of Aquaholics, and for round 6, Ramish Bahramand of You'reIN Luck and Ava Soesbe of the Steel Sidebottoms.

Round 5 Game Summaries

Game 1Orange is the New FootySteel Sidebottoms
Half Time0.
Full Time0.8.3.512.3.1.37
GoalkickersS.Hensley (3), S. Sanghera (4), T. SimmonsV. Schoennagel, A. Verducci, J. Soesbe, K. Robertson, S. MacEachern
UmpiresM. LegeJ.Bilka
Scorers/Goal UmpsB. Anderson, K. O'Conner, K, HutchingsC. Newcomb, R Nielson, S. Ramierz
Game 2You'reIN Trouble Aquaholics
Half Time0.
Full Time0.6.4.400.5.3.33
GoalkickersT. Boyer (2), R. Boyer (2), A. Fanslow, R. Bahramand K. Meriano (4), S. Ramirez
UmpiresS. HensleyS.Tyebjee
Scorers/Goal UmpsB. Anderson, J. SwartT. Townsend, S. MacEachern

Round 6 Game Summaries

Game 1AquaholicsOrange is the New Footy
Half Time3.3.1.460.1.3.9
Full Time4.4.5.650.3.7.25
GoalkickersK. Klatt (2), O.Nguyen (2), K. Hutchings, K. Meriano (2) S. RamirezD. Webb, S. Hensley, S. Murphy
UmpiresM. LegeV.Schoennagel
Scorers/Goal UmpsR. Bahramand, B. AndersonJ. Soesbe, A. Soesbe
Game 2You'reIN Trouble Steel Sidebottoms
Half Time0.
Full Time1.5.5.441.6.4.49
GoalkickersK.O'Connor, A. Fanslow (2), M. Lege (2), R. BahramandV.Schoennagel, G. Kettelhake, J. Soesbe (2), T. Townsend (2), T. Towe
UmpiresM. BishopD. Webb
Scorers/Goal UmpsK. Klatt, M. Pimentel, J. Bilka, J. NelsonB. Anderson


SacFooty Spring League Round 4

Thursday, May 11, 2016 - After the “rainout” from week three, all teams were chomping at the bit to get back on the field and play!

Week four started off with an exciting match up between the Steel Sidebottoms and the Aquaholics. The Steel Sidebottoms were definitely ready for their rematch after week one. The Aquaholics jumped to an early lead, but the Sidebottoms were not going to let them run away with the score. Going into the half, the Aquaholics had a small lead, that wouldn’t last long with Tracks on the loose. The Sidebottoms used their strong forward, as Aquaholics struggled to keep him covered. The game was fought hard, and ended in a tie!

Game two featuring Orange is the New Footy and You’reIn Trouble was a quick paced game. Both teams started off hot, scoring quickly into the half. Some missed tags, leading to goals pushed both teams harder. It was a solid match going into the half.  However, as the second half pushed on Orange is the New Footy just couldn’t keep up with the sustained pressure of  You’reIn Trouble, as the score drifted, leaving Orange is the New Footy behind my 15 points.

Congratulations to our round 4 Kupros Inspiration Award winners - Carly Hartman of Orange is the New Footy and Jeremy Johnson of the You’reIn Trouble.

Game Summaries

Game 1Orange is the New FootyYou'reIN Trouble
Half Time0.
Full Time0.6.1.371.6.8.53
GoalkickersS. Hensley (3), S. Sears, D. Webb, S. SangheraJ. Johnson (2), V. Turner (2), A. DeCarl, T. Boyer, A. Fanslow
UmpiresS. MacEachernJ. Bilka & M. Bishop
Scorers/Goal UmpsK. Hutchings & S. TyebjeeB. Anderson, J. Nelson, B. Swart, A. Verducci, C. Newcomb
Game 2Steel SidebottomsAquaholics
Half Time0.
Full Time0.10.3.633.5.6.63
GoalkickersT. Towe (6), T. Townsend (3), S. TyebjeeK. Meriano (3), K. Klatt (2), S. Freeman, M. Bishop, S. Ramirez
UmpiresS. SearsT. Boyer
Scorers/Goal UmpsR. Bahramand, L. Kwoka, O. ChristensenD. Webb, B. Anderson, M. Lege

SacFooty Spring League Round 2

Thursday, April 28, 2016 - The competition was hot in round 2 of the SacFooty Spring League with both games being fought out fiercely.

Game one featured You're In Luck vs. Aquaholics. The Aquaholics threatened to score first, but were unsuccessful. You're In Luck capitalized on the misses and got out in front quickly at the half, ahead by a score of 15 to 2.  The Aquaholics wouldn't give up so quickly though, they fought hard, scoring two super goals in the second, but it wasn't enough to fight off You're In Luck's goal scoring power.  An overall score of 38 to 26 in favor on You're In Luck.

Game two was a rigorous battle between Orange is the New Footy and Steel Sidebottoms. Both teams looking for their first win, they fought hard. Orange is the New Footy stormed ahead in the first half with two more goals than the Steel Sidebottoms. The Steel Sidebottoms were not ready to give up, they came back and fought hard, and Orange is the New Footy kept at it. It was a close game until the very end. Steel Sidebottoms came out on top in the end beating Orange is the New Footy 59 to 46.

Congratulations to our round 2 Kupros Inspiration Award winners - Olivia Christensen of Orange is the New Footy and Traxel Towe of the Steel Sidebottoms.

Game Summaries

Game 1You'reIN Trouble Aquaholics
Half Time0.
Full Time0.5.8.382.1.2.26
GoalkickersT. Boyer, R. Boyer (3), V.TurnerK. Katt, J. Bilka, M. Bishop
UmpiresS. SearsV. Schoennagel
Scorers/Goal UmpsD.Webb, B. HarringtonB. Anderson,
Game 2Orange is the New FootySteel Sidebottoms
Half Time0.6.2.380.4.0.24
Full Time0.7.4.462.6.5.59
GoalkickersE. Smith, S.Hensley (4), S.Sanghera (2)V. Schoennagel, O. Ngyuen, C. Gould, S. MacEachern, T. Towe (4)
UmpiresM. BishopT. Boyer
Scorers/Goal UmpsJ. Bilka, E. Flores, C. NewcombB. Anderson, B. Swart, R. Bahramand

Sacramento Suns Announce 2016 Coaches

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 - The Sacramento Australian Football Club (SAFC) is excited to announce the appointment of Matt Bishop as the Suns head coach and Brad Anderson as the Lady Suns head coach for season 2016. 

Matt has an impressive resume with twelve years of coaching experience that includes coaching the US Revolution squad. The Suns have made three consecutive national championship finals under Bishop, winning Division 3 in 2014 and made the Division 2 final in their first attempt in 2015. Brad found the SAFC in 2013 and has coached the Lady Suns for the last two years, including the first year the ladies brought a full squad to the national tournament. He started playing youth football in Australia at the age of six and began coaching at age nineteen. Congratulations to both Matt and Brad on their head coach appointments.

Coach Brad is currently going through the process of selecting assistant coaches and has several talented applicants to consider.

SacFooty Spring League Round 1

Thursday, April 21, 2016 - New players had the chance to play their first official SacFooty game as the 2016 SacFooty Spring League kicked off last Thursday, and they looked right at home.

Nine new recruits debuted for You'reIN Trouble (Yellow) and Orange is the New Footy in the first game of round 1. They certainly weren't fazed and were guided by stalwarts on both teams. Consequently a fast-paced, competitive and tight tussle ensued.

You'reIN Trouble exploded out of the blocks to lead by 21 at the half, however Orange is the New Footy almost completed one of the great SacFooty comebacks only to fall short by 5 points - 53 to 48.

The second game was a one-sided affair with Aquaholics (Blue) taking the honors 85 to 27 over a depleted Steel Sidebottoms (Silver). The Aquaholics played well however the next clash in round 4 is likely to be much closer with the return of Saleh Tyebjee, Tim Townsend and Traxel Towe.

After the games the players headed to a new sponsor venue in Kupros Bistro at 21 & L Streets. The whole club is excited by the potential to develop a strong relationship with such a reputable bar.

In what is very much a weekly tradition the winners of Inspiration Awards for round 1 were Kasey O'Connor and Vada Turner, both of You'reIN Trouble.

Game Summaries

Game 1You'reIN Trouble Orange is the New Footy
Half Time2.2.4.341.0.4.13
Full Time2.5.5.531.4.6.48
GoalkickersA. DeCarl (2), T. Boyer, J. Johnson, J. Ledden , R. BahramandC. Hartman (2), B. Harrington, E. Smith, S. Hensley (2)
UmpiresM. BishopS. Tyebjee
Scorers/Goal UmpsB. Anderson, C. Newcomb, J. SoesbeK. Meriano, K. White, L. Kwoka, K. Hutchings
Game 2AquaholicsSteel Sidebottoms
Half Time2.4.4.460.2.0.12
Full Time4.7.7.850.4.3.27
GoalkickersK Klatt (4), E. Manning (3), J. Nelson (2) , M. Bishop, S. RamirezJ. Soesbe (2), Y. Mignon (2)
UmpiresM. LegeS. Sears
Scorers/Goal UmpsB. Anderson, L.Kwoka, D. WebbJ. Johnson, R. Bahramand,

Calling All Coaches

Tuesday, March 15, 2016 - The Sacramento Suns and Lady Suns are seeking coaches for the 2016 USAFL representative season.

The Suns and Lady Suns are the regional representative Australian Football teams that compete in the United States Australian Football League. They are scheduled to compete in the Western Region Tournament (July 16 - Portland OR) and the National Tournament (October 15 & 16 - Sarasota FL), as well as other USAFL sanctioned matches yet to be confirmed.  

All coaching positions have been vacated to provide any potential coaches with the opportunity to apply. Applications are required by close of business on Sunday, March 27.

To begin the application process please email Vice-President Vicky Schoennagel signaling your intention to apply, for which team and to request the position description an application terms.

Assistant Coaches: anyone interested in helping out the appointed coaches can also register their interest with Vicky. 

Sacramento A.F.C. 2016 Schedule Released

Thursday, January 21, 2016 - The 2016 schedule for the Sacramento Australian Football Club has been released, including dates for the SacFooty leagues and SacAFL season, along with several social and community events.

The schedule can be viewed on the website or on Facebook.

The year begins with a quiet beeahhh at Monkey Bar on Saturday Night to celebrate Australia Day.

Local footy events scheduled for 2016 include:

  • Fitness Through Footy - March 15 to June 7
  • SacFooty Spring League Open Days - March 31, April 7 and 14
  • SacFooty Spring League - April 21 to June 2
  • SacAFL Open Days - May 21 and June 4
  • SacAFL - June 18 to September 24
  • SacFooty Summer League Open Days - June 23 and 30, July 7
  • SacFooty Summer League - July 14 to August 25

Sacramento Suns, the representative women's and men's teams, events scheduled:

  • Training Camp - April 29 to May 1
  • Trainings - June 14 to October 8
  • USAFL Western Region Tournament - July 16 in Salem, OR
  • USAFL National Tournament - October 15-16 in Sarasota, FL
  • Other events are being organized and information will be released once the events have been confirmed.

Social and Community Events:

  • Australia Day Celebration - January 23
  • Legal Services of Northern California Valentine's Day Run - February 13
  • St. Patrick's Day Pub Crawl - March 12
  • Camp Sunshine - May 27 to 30
  • AFL Grand Final Party, September 30
  • Halloween Pub Crawl, October 29
  • Other events are being organized and information will be released once the events have been confirmed.

Any questions can sent to the club via our contact page.

Lady Sun in AFL Women's Talent Search

Monday, January 14, 2016 - 24 year-old Katie Klatt will be heading to Sydney, Australia in February hoping to make history as the first American female in Australia’s inaugural women’s national league.

The Australian Football League, the governing body of Australia’s national sport, has begun a vigorous campaign in search for talent. The country-wide search has reached the U.S. and Sacramento Lady Sun’s very own Klatt will be vying for a spot. Klatt has been preparing and training at McKinley Park for weeks since hearing of the opportunity to try out.

“I just want to play as much football as I possibly can, and I really want to see how I measure up to talent based in Australia” exclaimed Katie. “This is a great opportunity to find out what is expected of players in Australian leagues, and to get more playing experience.”

Australian Rules football, also known as “footy”, is a fast-paced full-contact sport similar to rugby and soccer combined. AFL will be looking for athletes with strong football fitness with great skills in kicking, marking (catching), handballing and decision making.

The talent search will be held at various cities in Australia with sessions similar to the AFL Draft Combine. Participants will be tested in standing/running vertical jumps, agility test, 20m sprint and the beep test. If selected, Klatt will attend a women’s state football academy tailored especially for female players involving skill and game knowledge development as well as first class training programs. The AFL will then draft players forming the first AFL women's league in 2017.  

Klatt, a registered nurse by profession, has been playing Aussie Rules for two years with the Sacramento Suns. Last year she was selected to play for the USA Freedom, the national women’s team, to play Canada in the 2015 49th Parallel Cup. In addition, she was selected as a Vice-Captain of the team.

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